Some Short Stories About Two Crazy Little Boys

I apologize for the lack of pictures around here (gasp!), but sometimes I'd simply rather live in the moment than document it.  But that doesn't mean we haven't been having any fun!  We've been playing with friends outside, riding our bikes, working in the yard, exploring Old Rock Creek Station, and having picnics at the lake.  Nothing out the ordinary, but still, summer is feeling glorious!  Plus, living with two energetic boys on top of all that keeps life extra funny and interesting.

  ^^Brotherly love.  A real bedtime hug.^^

So before I forget some of these everyday moments that have made me smile lately, I am writing them down to share with you too.

::  I went for a run with BOTH boys in the double jogging stroller for the first time in months. They felt like lead. Luckily, I had my own mini cheerleading team. Jed yelled, "Go, Mom. Go!" And Levi exclaimed, "We're winning!" Well, with support like that I should look something like Xenon warrior woman by the end of summer!

::  I babysat a couple of little boys one morning.  One of them was wearing gloves on his hands... just because.  Naturally, Jed asked for a pair of gloves.  And then Levi, not wanting to feel left out, wanted some too.  So I had three little boys running around in sunny 75 degree weather with gloves on.  Whatever.  The gloves got absolutely filthy.  It gave me a good laugh.

::  The other night as I was changing Levi into his jammies, he was singing his little heart out.  Then suddenly, he sang the last half of his ABC's.  Whaa?  I didn't know he knew all those letters in order, so I began singing with him from the beginning again.  Levi sang the entire ABC song from beginning to end in perfect clarity!  I was floored.  That kid is extremely smart and articulate.  He blows me away.

 ^^Baby feet sandal tan lines.  And it's just the beginning of June!^^

::  When we visit the 150 year old cellars down at Rock Creek Station, Jed is always begging, "Mommy, tell me a story!"  He wants to hear about how the settlers there stored food and liquor in the cellars and how they hid from the Indians when they attacked.  He is also quick to remind me of where they tied up the "bad guys".  Yes, they also used it as a temporary jail.  What a cool place to visit when you're a kid with big aspirations to be a cowboy!   

::  We were at the park one day when Levi could not take his eyes off the man working with a gator.  (If you're a boy mom, you know that it's a John Deere four wheeler with a dumping bed attached.  In books it's known as Alli Gator alongside Johnny Tractor and Corey Combine.)  Levi was mesmerized and the man could tell, so he came over to say hi.  I asked Levi what the man was driving.  He responded, "A Ali-gator."  The man laughed out loud.  "He's just a baby!" he cried.  "How does he know?  That boy has good genetics and a great mom."  Well, thank you.  He does!  

::  The boys seem to be taking after their dad and have become slightly obsessed with their bikes.  I often find Jed in the garage with his dad's bottle of Simple Green spray, a bottle of lube, and a brush in hand.  Jed just sits on the ground pretending cleaning his bike.  He sprays his tire and cleans it with the brush.  It is darling.  (Except the boys smell like Simple Green for the rest of the day!)  Bron is going to need a new bottle of cleaner soon.

::  There's a schoolyard rhyme the boys have learned from our neighbor, Wyatt.

Teeter-totter.  Bread and Butter.
Wash your face with dirty water. 

They sing it all day long!  It is stuck in my head too.  And worse, the boys make up their own versions, like...

Wash your face with dirty Levi!

Okay.  So it's funny.  And especially cute when Levi sings it.

I love you, Jed and Levi!  Thank you for making my days so bright and happy.


  1. Sometimes you just have to put the phone down and live in the moment - I totally just blogged about that :) haha. it's worth it though!

  2. the outdoors is the best thing for our lively boys!

  3. I love the rhyme. I can imagine Hailey doing the same, changing up the rhyme and thinking it's hilarious. I love how with kids it really is the simplest things that they get a kick out of.

  4. Oh my gosh. These two together are PRECIOUS. We just found out we are having another baby boy. Jonah and this baby will be 20 months apart - and seeing your little guys' relationship makes me so excited to have 2 little boys! <3 Gorgeous pictures, as always!

  5. I love little kid tans! The outdoors is so great!

  6. Yup, I saw gator and thought the animal. Definitely a girl mom!

  7. I love that Jed asks for stories. They are such fun kids. You are an awesome mom, Jess! I don't know where your other post went from today, but it was a good reminder. There's good in every day! I have to remind myself that I'm doing the best I can.


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