Spring Break in St. George!

Let's just say that after a day back in reality (read: frigid snowfall and busy children), I would totally be okay with returning to our long weekend getaway.  Bron and I spent five adventurous and romantic days with two friends in St. George, Utah.  The weather was warm and spring-like and it felt like we were on our honeymoon all over again!  Just the two of us (well, technically four of us without our children in tow)... it was so fun to have all that time to just ourselves.  To sum it up, our week pretty much looked like this:
dinners after 9:00PM
sleeping like a rock for nine hours straight
lots of love making
swimming, shopping, hot tubbing, and sun worshipping
 a girls' afternoon of nail painting and relaxation
exercising so much that we ate like we were bottomless pits
dressing up for a dinner that included both cheese and chocolate fondues and steak served on a piping hot lava rock
a day hiking and admiring the majestic peaks in Zion's
late night games, movies, and laughter
but mostly...
we went biking and biking and biking.
It was a week of selfish marital bliss.

I love you Bron, sooo much!  Let's stay in love forever.  Life was meant to be spent in this unparalleled relationship called marriage. 
So before this busy month of April catches up with me, I will leave you readers with a small smattering of photos from our trip.  More to come later!
^^Our good friends, Nick and Amy^^
^^My new favorite adrenaline rush: mountain biking!^^
^^REAL petroglyphs.  Very cool.^^
^^A sample of the fruit and treats we dipped into a pot of warm chocolate fondue^^
^^Inside Zion's National Park.
I couldn't get enough of the amazing contrast between all the spring green against the rough red rock!^^
^^Hiking Hidden Canyon.  We walked a cliff's edge a hundred feet up!^^

P.S.  For the record, as nice as it was to leave both Jed and Levi with Grandma Nelson (God bless her!), I did really start to miss them.  Six days was a long time to be parted!  (The sixth day was spent visiting dairies as part of Bron's work.)  How wonderful it was to hear their cute little voices, feel their weight in my arms, and be a family of four again.  But oh, how quickly did I forget how BUSY and noisy they are!  Haha. 


  1. Great pics. Flint & I will have to check out that hike.

  2. That kind of vacation sounds dreamy! I would miss my kiddos like crazy, but man would it be nice to get away with my guy for a few days. I'm glad you guys got a well- deserved break!

  3. GOOD FOR YOU! It is so nice to reconnect as a married couple- glad yall had a great time

  4. Nothing better than a getaway with your man! I love that you guys are so active together. So much fun!

  5. Beautiful scenery! Gotta love sunny St. G, especially this time of year! A much needed break I am sure.

  6. How nice! Sounds glorious. :)

  7. How awesome that y'all took a couples getaway! Love all the pictures. It looks beautiful! Jarrod went to Zion in college (he was a geology major and got to go on all kinds of cool field trips!), and I love looking at his pictures too.


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