Spring Break in St. George: Zion's

Ta-da!  I am finally getting around to posting the third and last part of our Spring Break adventure.  (Parts one and two can be found HERE and HERE).  April has been the busiest month I have ever experienced since probably... well, maybe college.  It's just been nuts!  But it's been a good busy.  I feel like I'm finally coming up to catch some air now.  So is it too late to be posting about something that happened a month ago?  I obviously don't think so because I love re-living fun vacations and memories.  Plus, the eye candy on this one is too good to pass up!  Zion's is definitely one of my favorite places to visit on earth.

The day we spent at Zion's National Park was actually cloudy and rainy (I didn't come prepared for that!), but we didn't let a little weather stop us from exploring as much as we could.  We started by hiking Hidden Canyon.  I couldn't believe the trail we hiked--part of it was just a few feet wide on a cliff's edge a couple hundred feet up!  Though there were chains to hold on to, it was still a bit freaky.  But it was exhilarating and thrilling and awesome all the same!  At the top, we followed this beautiful little slot canyon a mile or so in.  Very fun. 

^^Hold on tight, Bron!  Don't fall off!  These pictures don't do the cliff edge justice at all.^^
Then we conquered the easy Emerald Pools hike.  I couldn't get over how stunning the contrast was between the new bright green leaves and the rich red rock! 
Then, because we I was damp and freezing and tired, we drove around the park with the heat turned on full blast.  We drove through a tunnel!  I'm glad I chose not to hold my breath and make a wish because I would have passed out, it was that long.  Finally, the guys lured Amy and I out of the warm truck with promises about a very short hike and a stunning view from the Canyon Overlook Trail.  I'm sure glad we went up there.  The view was dazzling!  It just happened to be sunset behind Zion's beautiful red cliffs.  We couldn't have asked for a more perfect ending to our day!  

^^A little romance up on top of the world^^


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. Seriously Ah-MAZING! Jarrod went here for a school trip while in college (he was a geology major and got to visit all kinds of cool places), but his pictures were nowhere near as good as yours.

  2. That last picture is gorgeous! You're an amazing photographer. I definitely have to visit Zion's someday - I went to Arches while I was in college, but never made it further south. It looks like it's definitely a must-do!

  3. What beautiful pictures! Yes, those trails did look mighty steep and narrow (chains or no chains). What wonderful memories.


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