How We Celebrated Jed's 4th Birthday

 ^^The expression on Jed's face as we sang "Happy Birthday" to him.  He was sooo excited!  Truly priceless.^^

I wish I felt as enthusiastic about birthdays these days as my children do.  Jed was busting at the seams the morning his fourth birthday arrived!  There were balloons and streamers, but best of all, Grandma Nelson came to visit and celebrate. 

We began Jed's special day with a shopping trip in town.  While we women went practically hog-wild trying on cute new shirts and picking out fun decorative items for the house, Jed was over-the-moon happy to pick out his very own toy with the $10 in birthday money Great Grandma Smith sent.  Then, as promised, we visited the infamous "candy store" (aka The Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory) where Grandma Nelson treated Jed to his very own caramel apple.  Lucky kid.  Jed was sure feeling special.  He had been looking forward to that trip to the candy store for weeks!

Finally, after hours of anticipation, Jed's little friends arrived at the front door late in the afternoon for a PARTY!  We didn't do an over-the-top pinterest style party around here (at least not this year).  Instead, we opted for simple and sweet because I knew Jed would be happy regardless.  All he was expecting was a cake, some presents, and a handful of friends to help celebrate.  And that is exactly what happened: a stress free get-together with friends topped off with the best peanut-butter brownie cake ever tasted!  We even got our dancing groove on to tunes on the antique player piano.  It was a fourth birthday success!

Happy 4th Birthday, Jed!  You sure are a very loved little boy.  I think we'll keep you... forever.

^^Showing off his giant birthday caramel apple that he lovingly shared with Levi and me^^
 ^^Jed hasn't quit playing with his new toys since he opened them.  They even sleep with him!^^
^^The short-stuff dance party!^^


  1. Happy Birthday Jed! It looks like your birthday 'shopping trip' and party were a huge success. I sure would have loved to join that 'short-stuff dance party.' Age 4 is WONDERFUL!


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