Nu-Tella and 4 Quick Weekend Takes

^^Proud Mama moment: I have created a Nutella monster.^^
1.  On Friday my mom and two little brothers came to visit.  Grandma brought presents for Jed's birthday and Jed got to open them early.  He was so excited!  As always, it was so good to see them, eat, chat, and relax.
2.  This weekend we watched Conference!  And while we listened (to what we could between the loud calls of little children) to the prophet and our leaders give inspiring messages, we snipped up pieces of foam mattress leftover from the local factory and made it into the most comfortable pillows imaginable.  Genius idea, Amy! 
3.  I found $40 while folding laundry the other day.  (Finally, pay day!  Bron forgot to empty his pockets.  hehe)  So while Bron had a few friends over to eat pizza and watch the Priesthood session of conference--followed by some March Madness--on Saturday night, Levi and I went shopping.  Levi is actually an amazing little shopping sidekick.  He just chills in the cart and points out every balloon or ball in the store, telling me how they go up and pop!  I sure love that cute kid.  We visited four different stores, but together we finally found the right slacks and vests and bow ties for both my boys without spending a fortune.  Yay!  Annnd, we enjoyed some yummy froyo together too.  "Mmmm, is good!" Levi grinned.

Finally, please allow me to vent...
4.  I've been repeatedly told that four years old is a magical age, but as we approach Jed's fourth birthday at the end of this month, he's turned into an absolute monster!  I usually enjoy my job as a mother.  I'd say three quarters of the time what I do from day to day is more than great.  Lately, however, that feeling has flipped upside down and I'm really upset about it!  Jed has been whiny and blatantly defiant, he won't listen, throws huge fits, and repeatedly pushes every boundary or expectation we've ever set.  And nothing drives me crazier faster than whining.  This weekend I got angry--ugly scary mad--TWICE, which is really unlike me.  I just snapped; I feel so guilty about it.  Bron and I have been using every discipline tactic we know: reasoning, nose on the wall, taking away toys, chores...  Unfortunately, we haven't found that proverbial magic bullet to kill the unwanted behavior; I doubt there is one.  We're hoping that by consistently standing our ground, Jed will eventually clue in.  Why is parenting so HARD?!  Someone please reassure me that this is a very short-lived phase.  I want my sweet little boy back!

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  1. Cute! We are cleaning up "nutella face" quite often over here too!

  2. Haha I love this! Nutella is so addicting!

  3. Please tell me if you find some magical discipline tactic that works. We could really use it around here!

  4. Ahh no one told me conference happened!! Oh well I will catch up and watch it online :)

  5. Hailey went through a rough phase too. I don't know what it was, or really when it was. I just remember we had a terrible week or two where she pushed all sorts of buttons. It passes. Hopefully it won't be too long before Jed is back to being himself. Hang in there!

  6. It's been forever since I was here! So glad to see that you are alive and well--and going through the normal ups and downs of parenthood! I think the trick is to find the tactic that will work for the child. Every child is different and so that means every discipline tactic is too! Don't worry, this is most likely just a phase.

  7. Oh good, you are human and your kids are human too! Parenting is hard and there are many phases and all different ages. Just keep your chin up and your feet moving ;) When I have weeks like that, I will try to focus good attention towards that child and do something fun that requires lots of pictures...documenting that we really did have fun. It doesn't change anything, just makes me realize the small moments that were good. HAHAHA sorry, that probably doesn't help at all! Good luck!

  8. Cullen is at the age where he recognizes what makes me angry or frustrated but solves the problem completely wrong: "Hey Mommy, why don't you look for my shoes before YOU go to bed, so that way you dont have to yell at me when I can't find them in the morning." haha They will test us for the rest of our lives!

  9. Stella turned four in January and just before her birthday and after she was going through a really difficult stage. I attributed it to the holidays and her being worn out, but maybe it's a common thing for that age. Lately; however, she has been my favorite child. Instead little sister has taken on the title of most terrible child ;) It's always someone or something, but like you said: 3/4 of the time it's wonderful being a mom!

  10. Oh, Lewie went through a whiny phase too. In fact he still whines when he has to go to school in the mornings. We went through a long period of timeouts and only rewarding good behavior... Still he has his moments. Sometimes I even mimic what he does to get a chuckle and to help him see how silly he's being... They really do love to test us! Hang in there :)


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