Happy Fourth Birthday, Jed!

Dear Jed,

Happy four years on planet earth!  Four years ago you made me a mama, Jed.  I will forever be grateful for that.  The moment you were placed in my arms, I felt an overwhelming love for you.  There you were: my baby!  You were my dream since I was a very little girl and suddenly that dream was real!  I couldn't have been happier... or more scared.  Taking you on--this tiny bundle of needs and responsibility--was a huge step in my life.  But I wanted it; I wanted YOU.  And now, just four short years later, I hardly remember what my life was like before that special April day; it's like I've always been your mother.

We've had a good year, Jed.  Three was such a fun age!  However, I've heard four is magical.

Jed, you are such a delight to have in our family.  You always wake up happy, ready to take on the new day with enthusiasm.  For example, you walk BACKWARDS from the parking lot all the way to your preschool classroom every. single. day.  It's painfully slow, but I can't help a smile from creeping across my face.  You seem to like preschool a lot.  Preschool has suddenly brought out your inner virtuoso, singing your lungs out to tunes like Row, Row, Row Your Boat and I Am a Child of God.

You're silly, Jed.  You enjoy making everyone around you smile and laugh.  At times, it seems like you and Levi have a contest to see who can act sillier and the laughing just escalates into hysterics.  Jed, I can already tell that you will be the peacemaker in our family.  You're very aware of how people around you are feeling and you often step in with a hug or a kind word... or a joke.

Have I mentioned that you have discovered potty humor?  Yes, you and Levi screamed, "Poopy!  Poopy!  Pooooopy!" and laughed till you cried while swinging at the park last week.  True story.  I had a hard time keeping a straight face; I'm the mom and I'm not supposed to think stunts like that are funny!  (Even though they totally are.)

It's also been so much fun watching your imagination develop even further this year.  You have a healthy imagination.  I know because you are attached to your toys.  You love to dress up in your cowboy hat and ride that old stick horse around the house.  Just the other day, we pretended to shoot cannonballs at each other in the backyard until I insisted that I had exploded into a million pieces and that it was time for lunch.  And you often pretend to be a monster and bite off my legs, that is, if I don't tickle you first.  You're a ton of fun.

Jed, I'm sorry, but you have inherited your mother's need for routine.  You are very much a creature of habit.  If your dad or I forget to brush your teeth before bed, you will come into our room at 2:00AM crying about how we forgot.  It's really funny, actually.

Other talents and interests of yours include running.  Jed, you can run like the wind!  You'd rather run than learn to ride a bike because you think you're faster on your feet.  You're addicted to cartoons and beg to watch them daily, but you don't care for candy very much.  I mean, you'll scarf a handful of candy down in less than a minute, but if you don't see it you won't ask for it.  It's really nice.  You're also quite helpful.  You like helping me do chores around the house.  You especially like putting the piles of laundry away where they belong.  Your helping often makes more of a mess, but I don't like to cramp your style. 

Lastly, my favorite part of each day with you comes towards the very end.  You still love to read books and insist on "cuddling" with me as we read a bedtime story each night.  I look forward to those quiet minutes with you tucked under my arm.  Then you give me a sweet kiss on the cheek.  Sometimes I wish you'd never grow up. 

I cherish every precious moment I have with you, Jed!  You make me so happy.  I love you.

Love Always,


4 Months Old
Chillin' with the bovine ladies on Miner Farm


  1. Awww happy birthday, Jed! He couldn't be cuter, and this post couldn't be sweeter! Love it!

  2. Why oh Why is poop so funny? My boys do the same thing and I just can't stop it! Happy Birthday Jed!

  3. Happy Birthday, Jed! I can't believe he's already 4. I swear I remember reading your post about him turning 3 just a couple months ago.

  4. Happy Happy Birthday sweet boy!! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. Jed is my first grandson, and such a sweet boy! He's always ready with a hug! We love you, Jed! I love all the memories.

  6. So sweet! Happy Belated Birthday Jed!

  7. Oh yes, the potty humor never stops... In fact, my son managed to get my mom (Miss Proper) to tell potty jokes! Four is a super fun age. I know you will make sure to enjoy every minute of it Jessie because that's just the kind of mom you are--always there each day to celebrate your kids and your family! :)


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