Our Easter Weekend 2014

We enjoyed a mostly fantastic low-key Easter weekend here at HOME as a FAMILY.  Between my trip to California, Bron's work trip to Montana, violin rehearsals, and just busy life in general, I don't think all four of us were ever home in the evenings together for nearly two weeks!  That's a long time.  It was good to finally glean some quality family time together again.
We began our annual Easter festivities early Saturday morning with an egg hunt at the golf course.  Since Jed is nearly four, he got to participate with the "big" kids this year.  And it's a good thing, too!  That kid loves to run.  He scooped up his dozen plastic eggs in record time, all while having the time of his life.  Jed is so fast these days that I have a hard time getting a picture of him.  I should just call him "The Blur".  And although Levi didn't run, he knew exactly what to do too.  Don't mess with that kid and his candy!  We love this particular Easter egg hunt because it's small, including just the local neighborhoods.  We got to catch up with many of our friends and their kids too!

Saturday afternoon we went to work on the yard.  I went through some trouble to lock Levi safely in the front courtyard while Bron mowed the lawn.  Levi was mad at me, even after I distracted him with some jelly beans!  Not three minutes later, Levi tromped through the house and escaped through the back door.  Smart kid.  I didn't know whether to scream or high-five him!  Both Jed and Levi insist on "helping" Bron mow the lawn.  They call it a tractor.  (Oh, my!  We need to get these kids on some real equipment next time we visit Grandpa's farm.)  But I still think it will be a very long time until Bron no longer has two little helpers each time he goes out to mow.  Dad and his lawn mower are super cool, you know.

Then... we turned on the sprinklers.  Both boys were sopping wet within minutes.  I can't say it enough: I love having two crazy little boys!

On Easter morning, the little boys woke up to some surprises.  (Yes, they are wearing their Christmas jammies.  Haha)  Though I don't think it will happen every year, the Easter Bunny brought Jed and Levi handsome new suits to wear to church.  He also brought two buckets full of sand toys for the lake this summer too.
Ready for church!  When we're all this good-looking at once, it deserves to be documented.  These three handsome studs make my heart melt.  I love them sooo much!  Sometimes I can't believe that I get to call them mine forever.  I'm a lucky girl.
Finally, last but not least, I participated in our town's Easter Cantata for the third year in a row.  I love having an excuse to dress up in my fancy concert black and play my violin.  Plus, having the opportunity to reflect on my Savior during this special season is an added bonus.  I am so very thankful to my elder brother, Jesus Christ, who sacrificed so that I can be forgiven of my shortcomings, who made it possible for me to live with Him and my family again someday--no matter what life throws my way!  It really is nothing short of a miracle. 
Happy Easter!


  1. Love that you got to play! All your men looked very dapper for Easter :)

  2. Look at your sweet family! Glad you had such a nice holiday.

  3. Basically, Jed needs to marry Rory so we can be family and have cute grandbabies! That is all ;)

  4. Happy belated Easter! You look beautiful in your Easter dress and your concert gear, and of course, your boys (including hubby) look very handsome too! I'm glad to hear you had a wonderful Easter weekend. XO

  5. You guys all look so good in your Easter outfits. :). And that picture on the lawn mower is hilarious

  6. beautiful photos, as always! looks like you guys had a great weekend!

  7. Amid all of the crazy business of life, it sure is nice to have a weekend here and there just for the family! Looks like a great Easter. Family always makes any holiday (or regular day) spectacular! I love your lace dress you wore on Easter, by the way. :)

  8. You are BEAUTIFUL. End of story. Looks like a fun, relaxing Easter! I need to see those boys of yours!


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