Handsome Bow Ties and Our Low-Key Weekend

^^What a lucky Mama am I?!  I have never seen a more handsome pair of boys.^^
We hope your weekend was just as low-key and good-lookin'.

Highlights included but were not limited to:
::  A breakfast of chocolate chips brought to me in bed so thoughtfully by my three year old.  Gosh, I love that kid!  I don't think my mornings could get any sweeter (literally or figuratively). 
::  My boys plus three little friends had so much fun playing on Friday.  It's darling watching these tiny kids get so excited to see each other!  And the things they "talked" about at lunch, well, they were a hoot to listen to!
::  A family trip to Costco and Costco pizza.  Yum!

::  How Jed eggs on Levi and their play just escalates.  They get wilder and louder and infinitely more funny, or at least they think so.  It brings me joy watching their brotherly relationship grow... and makes me a little nervous for my furniture too.
::  Very thankful for a husband who isn't afraid to give me a big hug and whisper, "I'm sorry," after a stupid argument.  That man has character and I am so lucky to have him!
::  Sitting through all of Sacrament meeting for the first time in what feels like a year
::  A long bike ride in the South Hills for Bron
::  A Sunday night dessert party.  What can be better than chocolate and ice cream and a bunch of friends?
Now, let Spring Break commence!
It may include an adventurous and romantic couples' vacation to St. George, Utah.  I am sooo excited!

^^Pack your bag, Levi!^^


  1. Love your recap of the weekend and those bowties are adorable! :)

  2. Your boys are too cute! They are looking good in their Sunday best. I agree there is nothing better than a trip to Costco and eating some pizza. Have fun in St. G with the nice warm toasty weather...yay!

  3. O they are the cutest!! C and B egg each other and Wells on too.. Im going to remove all furniture during their teenage years!

  4. I love how Levi always has a huge smile for pictures! And those bow ties are adorable :)

  5. THE SUSPENDERS!!! I need a little boy.

  6. Your spring sounds like it's going to be super fun!!! I love this last picture of Levi with a backpack--what a little cutie! Your weekend sounds just perfect... Hmmm.... a Sunday night dessert party--what a great idea! You and your family is just the best!

  7. Oh yes... making it through all of sacrament meeting is an accomplishment! This past Sunday left me wondering why we even bother going!? Ok, I really know why, but sometimes it just seems ridiculous when you are a wrangling a toddler the whole time. This too will pass, right? Enjoy St. George!

  8. Oh my word. Those little ties and suspenders! SO cute!

  9. Suspenders and bow ties? Could they be any cuter? Ahh! These pictures are killing me. Way too adorable. Also, your weekend sounds like it was lovely. I hope you get to go on your vacay to St. George! I just passed through that lovely city and I can tell you the weather is PERFECT right now.


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