^^A quiet moment.  Reading books together amid piles of laundry.^^

Dreaming of: Spring!  I can't help admiring the little stems of green popping up in my yard .  They're making me so excited.  We're all looking forward to feeling the warm sun on our faces and spending every waking moment outside, from bike rides to picnics in the backyard to long lazy mornings at the lake.  And according to the weather man, I only have about 24 more hours on the countdown to wait.  Woohoo!

 ^^The craziness never stops.  Eating s'mores as an afternoon snack over a real flame.  Levi made me laugh with the awe-struck way he said, "Fire!"^^
^^More afternoon yumminess.  Orange Julius through giant straws.^^


:: How Levi tells me, "c'mon, c'mon" as he grasps two of my fingers to lead me to whatever he wants at that moment.  How can I possibly resist that kind of cuteness?

:: How Levi thinks that smothering any mess with a hand towel will automatically clean it up.  I wish that were true!  But I don't stop him because he's trying to be responsible and help.

:: How Jed insists on cuddling every night.  I hold him under my arm and we read a story together before bed.  I don't ever want him to grow up!  Those last minutes of the day are so sweet.

:: How Jed still wishes me, "Merry Christmas!" before I shut his door at night.  It's March and the Christmas spirit is not dead in this house.

 ^^Jed's favorite thing to do is eat popcorn and watch a movie.  So that's often what we do when Dad is away for the night.  (Are you noticing a food theme here?  haha)^^

Re-Reading: Love and Logic for Early Childhood, a parenting self-help book.  I figure Levi is about to hit age two and throw me for a loop; I'd better be prepared with a few tricks up my sleeve!  My personal goal is to be able to dish out logical consequences for misbehavior without losing my cool 90% of the time.  We both, mama and child, feel better about our day when I'm able to do this.

Thinking About:  Why I don't teach a dozen violin students or why I haven't pursued a photography business with all the gusto I know I'm capable of. 

I kicked off the weekend early Saturday morning as a judge for a friend's violin studio.  I remember performing in festivals much like it but on a bigger scale as a kid--performing a couple of pieces, sight reading, written theory tests--it was intense.  The festival on Saturday felt much more relaxed, but I could tell the girls were still very nervous!  I was kind.  They all deserved Superior or Excellent marks.  They obviously have a wonderful teacher. 

Instances like that make me wonder why I haven't pursued teaching my own violin studio.  I really enjoy music!  And I loved teaching the violin.  So why don't I teach a dozen students?  What I think it really comes down to is that I am simply not motivated.  As nice as some extra income would be, we are financially stable.  And if I'm honest with myself, I often feel overwhelmed with the responsibilities I already do have!  Adding in the logistics of babysitters for the boys (or working around their loudness) seems like a headache.  Plus, it would mean I'd have less time to spend with my children... and then that mommy guilt starts seeping in.  See what I mean?  I know I have all this potential for working and pursuing some talents I truly enjoy, I'm just not willing to change or make those sacrifices.  I'm comfortable with where I'm at and I love my life the way it is.  Does that make me lazy?  Or does that just mean I'm sticking to making motherhood my #1 priority?  I'm not sure.

^^Levi's favorite thing in the world right now are bubble baths.^^

Our Weekend: After participating in the violin festival, our family of four piled into the truck to spend the weekend on the Nelson dairy.  We celebrated our niece, Madelyn's blessing day.  She's a beautiful baby girl!  A real life doll.  It was fun to get all the cousins together and eat and chat all Sunday afternoon.  I'm lucky to belong to such a great family!


  1. It looks like you guys are having fun! Honestly, I've had a violin studio the whole time I've had kids and I'm quitting after this school year because we don't financially need it either. I don't think it makes you lazy. I think if the extra stress isn't needed, you shouldn't feel guilty about not having it. Although, maybe you love it a lot more than I do and it wouldn't be as stressful for you as it is for me. Usually I just get tired from feeling so busy and that means some of my fatigue/stress is taken out on my kids even though I try not to let it. I would just do whatever makes you the happiest in that period of life...which is different for everyone. :)

  2. I was loving this post all the way through! Cute that you get a Merry Christmas at night, that's the spirit! And, there is time for violin teaching in the future when your boys are older - if it is still a wish. I don't think it makes you lazy, there are only so many hours and days of childhood - I wouldn't want to miss them either.

    Visiting from the link up.

  3. Love bath time photos. Those are the best!

  4. Thanks so much for linking up with us. Just love the simple, beautiful look of your blog and those amazing pictures of your little ones!! I love the way you capture their sweet innocence. We we too love popcorn and a movie, I mean, truely what is better?? Especially when you add in lots of snuggles!!! ;)

  5. beautiful pictures..
    do it only if you love to do it. you should have to feel like you are doing one thing but are having to compromise on another.. when the boys are grown up and doing their own thing you may want to pursue teaching or photography then.

  6. I love your blog!

    Seriously my thoughts exactly. Why don't I do more with photography, until I realize that it takes way more time and energy than I am willing to commit to right now. I have found that if I have one to three sessions a month it satisfies my need to "be creative" and get out of the house, but allows me to focus most of my attention on my family. There is a fine line for me and my family and I often readdress my needs, our needs, to make sure I am not slipping into the need to selfishly get "the praise of man". I think that these pursuits or distractions are often easier than hunkering down and being a great mom, but are often our excuse out of spending time with our little ones because we just don't have time. - I may feel differently if we really needed the money, but for now, we are comfortable too. -With that said it is great to keep up on these skills if there ever was a time you needed to put them to work. You are an awesome mom and a great wife. I wish we could get together more easily ;) Anytime you want to come to Seattle, our door is open- it is a great place to visit!

  7. I love looking at all of your photos. You are such a talented photographer. You capture such natural moments so flawlessly. Also, I think I can tell you why you aren't pursuing some type of business venture more fervently... because you're a mom of two little boys! An awesome mom who makes indoor s'mores and Orange Julius's for that matter. From the looks of it you're kind of a supermom.

  8. I feel you on the not pursuing our talents outside of motherhood. Kev is always pushing me to promote my photography more but I feel like it takes up so much extra time and I get stressed out if it takes too long to edit pictures, it takes away from time with the boys or taking care of the hosue when they are having quiet time, or time at night with kev... there is no easy way to balance it all!

  9. Oh Jessie, you are soooo not lazy. I don't know anyone that puts so much effort into raising their boys like you do... from bedtime stories, to teepees in the living room, to fabulous hikes, to smores at snack time, your boys are growing up in this perfect world of love. If our family was financially stable, I would give up my job in a heartbeat. You can never get these years back. Keep enjoying every moment! There WILL be plenty of time to pursue starting your own business when the boys are in school or when they're much older. XOXO

  10. Can I just say how much I love Levi's cute little curly hair?? So adorable!


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