Hello Monday. You're a Clean Slate.

As challenging as Mondays sometimes are--back to work and routine after two days of play--I'm grateful for the start of a new week and a figuratively clean slate because last week was a loooong one. I'm ready to start fresh. Last week I was utterly spent by 6:00PM and counted down every minute till the boys' bedtime. Last week our schedules were thrown for a loop and I felt totally off. Last week tested every ounce of my patience. The only thing that got me through without a complete meltdown was the hope that this week will be better. (And I want another child?! I'm questioning my sanity here.)

Not that last week was terrible and horrible. I was just living with two ornery little turds on top of the regular stuff life throws at a grown girl. 

 ^^My brother Joe and me over the weekend. 
This picture kind of symbolizes how I felt last week...^^
Can I tell you a little bit about it?  Okay!
::  I don't know what possessed me to try potty training Levi (Oh, I know!  I have this amazing neighbor that potty trained three of her children before age two.  Come to find out, I am not that woman.) just shy of 19 months, but that's what we did last week.  I forgot how utterly exhausting potty training is!  Levi did make the toilet connection, I think, but mostly I just got peed on every ten minutes.  We'll try potty training again later.
::  I found out my grandpa--the one who had been like a second father to me for four years when I was a kid--passed away.  It wasn't tragic; it was actually a blessing.  But still, I was surprised to find how emotionally spent I felt.
::  Jed was curiously sick with a fever for two days, so I kept him home from school.
::  I was frustrated one morning.  Nothing was working or going my way.  Then I noticed Jed copying me.  "Uuuugggh!  Arrrggggh!" he groaned... just like me!  Well, I thought, at least I'm not yelling or throwing items across the room.  There are a lot worse examples of how to handle frustration.  That must make me a great mom, right?!  Ha!
::  On Thursday I needed to run some errands.  We. Never. Left. The. House.  It was just one of those days.   
::  On Friday, we spent the night at my aunt's house in Utah.  Jed was so excited he couldn't sleep.  He slept a total of about four hours.  Then he projectile vomited at breakfast the next morning.  But he was fine!  Huh?!  Then he proceeded to be cranky for the rest of the day.  (Thank goodness my two little brothers came to the rescue!)
::  On Saturday, I dropped Levi off in the nursery with some sweet teenage angels during the funeral.  Twenty minutes later I could hear him screaming so loud he was going to bring down the roof!  Luckily, Bron swooped in to rock him to sleep.
^^...and this picture represents how I'd like to feel this week.
Miss you already, Joe.^^
Okay, okay.  So it obviously wasn't all bad.  I have a wonderful husband and family who are willing to help me with my little boys.  The funeral was wonderful.  It felt good to remember Grandpa with all our best memories (and we barely scratched the surface!).  And Levi waved and exclaimed, "Hi Temple!" to every church house we passed in Utah (which is a lot).  It was sweet.
So here's to a brand new week!  It's going to be a good one.  I can just feel it. 


  1. Cheers to a better week! You still looked beautiful despite a long and tiring week!

  2. I love this article!! What a great pictures. I love u too!! Like me and my brother together. ♥♥♥

  3. Hey Jessie! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. I totally feel the same way about you, I wish we were friends in real life! I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa. I'm really lucky to still have all my grandparents alive and well, but I know I will be absolutely crushed when the time comes for them. Jordan's grandpa isn't doing well right now unfortunately, but he's at such an old age (93!) that he's lived such a good and full life.. so we will see what happens. You look beautiful in your picture! XOXO

  4. I am exhausted for you after reading that. Especially the potty training part... My husband wanted Charli potty trained by 18 months... Ummm no! We did buy her a potty and she sits on it and talks to it but I am waiting for her to really show me she is ready before even attempting! So more power to you for trying!! I hope you have a wonderful week!! (And I wish I could have given you some of my tulips to brighten your week a little too!) :)

  5. So sorry to hear about your loss. I know what you mean about a death being a blessing, but still surprisingly hard. Sounds like you had a really rough week... here's to hoping this one is much better! Also, I do the same thing with the "uuuuggh" and "arrrghhh" noises... and I've noticed that my baby girl has started copying me. It took her doing it for me to realize just how often I do it. Even though it's adorable and hilarious coming from her... it's something I should probably work on :)

  6. What a busy week! So Sorry to hear about your grandpa. Losing someone is never easy.

  7. I'm with you on that. Sometimes I feel so unproductive by the end of a crazy week and weekend. Monday I wake up ready to get the show on the road!

  8. I know how you feel! Sometimes things can get so crazy that knowing that its a new week is a blessing. Hopefully this week is better for you then the last!
    *And you are ambitious to try to potty train this early... with Tyler I just decided I wasn't going to bother until he wanted to. Best. Decision. Ever. He basically potty trained himself.

  9. Oh I had to laugh...I'm glad I'm not the only one who has unproductive days around here. Lewie will actually copy me a lot too. Some days he'll tell me that he can't go somewhere because he has to correct papers and go to work; other days he'll just mimic my feelings and emotions. I notice that when I'm happy, he is, and when I'm stressed, he starts feeling that way too...

    I can't imagine potty training before two. I give you so much credit for trying. All the bribes in the world couldn't get my son to go 'poopy' on the potty until he was actually ready. Cheers to a new week and new days ahead!


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