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Whenever Bron leaves on a long road trip for work, he kisses me goodbye and I tell him, "Drive safe" as he exits out the door.  For as many miles as Bron spends on the road, I always keep a little prayer in my heart for his safe return.  The boys hear my desires at each meal time and in the evenings as we kneel together as a family.  "Please bring Dad back home to us safe and sound."  "Please bless that no harm or accident will befall him."  I kind of sound like a broken record.  One of my biggest fears is receiving a phone call that he was in a terrible accident.

So when Bron called me yesterday to tell me he had an eventful morning, I was quite surprised by his story!  I couldn't help laughing a little.

Bron was barreling down the freeway (The freeway!  Not some country road) when he hit TWO deer.  Actually, it's better described that those two deer hit him!  Bron never had a chance to even see them.  They jumped right into the driver's side door and proceeded to crash along the rest of his truck.  What?!  The airbags deployed.  Bron felt a little shocked and except for a little ringing in his ear, he didn't receive as much as a scratch.  Thank goodness Bron was okay!  The deer on the other hand... poor deer.  Darwinism at its finest, I guess.  And the truck!  Wow, who knew deer could do so much damage.

 ^^Bron's poor brand new truck!  These pictures don't really do the damage justice.  It's been taken to the shop and he'll have it back in two or three weeks.  Until then, he's driving a rental.^^
A kind police officer helped write up a quick report and tie up loose ends.  Luckily, this happened to the company truck so the company will be dealing with the hassle of insurance and all the extra costs, not us.  As many miles as these guys put on their vehicles every year, it's a miracle there aren't more accidents! 

So last night as I knelt to pray, I remembered to thank my Heavenly Father for one more answered prayer.  Bron is home safe with us.  All is well here.

Stupid deer.


  1. Oh man that's insane! I'm glad he's ok though!

  2. That's crazy! Glad Bron is ok! had to laugh at...poor deer.

  3. I am so glad that Bron is safe because that is definitely my worst fear too! I had an incident like that once and the policeman was like "you hit a deer" and I was like "no the deer hit me!" (but it's crazy it happened to Bron on the freeway...scary!)

  4. Wow! Two deer! I'm glad he's ok.

  5. I had the same thing happen to me in 2005! I was driving home late at night, and a deer ran into my passenger side door. The whole accident was a nightmare. I had to pay the $500 deductible to get the car fixed I had years of agonizing back and neck pain due to the whiplash. Plus, I felt very sad for the deer, of course.

    I'm glad you won't have to be dealing with the insurance and the repairs. I hope Bron is okay too with no aches or pains. The incident can be very scary. HUGS.

  6. haha. Alan has never hit a deer himself, but has been hit by multiple ones since we have moved here to Monticello. Sad for us it has been our own vehicle! Luckily it didn't cause more damage on Brons truck.

  7. Oh my word!! I've heard of this kind of crazy happening. I mean seriously, do the deer NOT see the vehicle? yikes!! Thankfully they ran into the side of the truck instead of in front... AH! One of my worst fears as Eric commutes to work. I'm SO glad Bron is okay!!

  8. So scary and crazy! Glad he's ok


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