The Week My Sister Visited

I feel like the luckiest girl on the planet: my sweet sister Lauren came to stay with us for a few days!  I don't like that she lives so far away.  I was more than excited to pal around with her.  I've missed our laughing fits.  There's no one quite like a sister that just "gets" ya, you know?  But better yet, I feel like I was able to reconnect with my sister.  We talked about everything under the sun; no subject was taboo.  She is so much like me and yet so very different.  Sisters are special and I love mine with all my heart!     

Honestly though, it was a week of wonderful highs and not so good lows.

Let me explain the lows: We be sickies.  There was a day or two this week where I thought my head would explode from sinus pressure.  I. Was. Miserable.  (What a hiccup this cold has been to my half marathon training schedule!)  Luckily Bron came to the rescue with some over-the-counter drugs.  Unfortunately, Levi had it too and there's only so much I can do for him; his little body can't handle the same drugs.  Then Jed started running a fever and complaining that his stomach hurt too.  Uh-oh.  Finally, today I noticed sores inside Levi's mouth after he proceeded to scream at his breakfast.  I called his doctor's triage nurse (I love you sweet nurses!) just to make sure it wasn't some serious side-effect from the vaccines he was given earlier in the week.  She said it sounded like Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.  Ugh.  A highly contagious viral disease is all we need around here... no, not really.  No wonder I've felt so exhausted!  I'm probably fighting it too.  So today I tried my best to be patient with the endless whining and care for my little boys the best I know how, and that includes fruit smoothies.  It's been rough.

But I suppose being sick is just life.  The highs were much much higher.  I couldn't wait to show our Arizona gal and nephew what we do for fun around our little town.  We have green grass!

Our itinerary went as follows:

Monday: Picnic lunch at Rock Creek Station where we were entertained by crop dusting airplanes going about their daily duties.  One may have even given us a little wave!

Tuesday: A little afternoon window shopping and ice cream while the littles slumbered (Bron happened to be working from home that day) and a jaunt into the South Hills.  We hiked Ross Falls and the boys played in the dirt and water.  Carter got so dirty!

Wednesday: A morning at Dierkes Lake followed by Bron being the most amazing husband ever when he volunteered to babysit the boys so Lauren and I could go out on an impromptu girls' night.  We ate dinner at Johnny Carino's then saw Turbo at the drive-in.  Best mid-week date I've ever been on.  "That snail is fast!"

Thursday: A day at the Boise Zoo!  (I think this event deserves its own post.)

It was so much fun to get my boys together with their cousin, Carter.  They seemed to enjoy each other very much too.  I loved watching Jed and Carter interact: giggling as they jumped on the bed, playing with trucks, and getting downright dirty.  They reminded me of my own childhood with my own cousins; I'm glad they're getting an early start.

Thanks Lauren for coming to visit.  You're a patient trooper and a beautiful woman inside and out!  Love you.  xoxo


  1. Aww. Thanks for showing us around your town. I need to visit you more often! We had so much fun even with the sickies. The highlight was our date though :) love you sister!

  2. It sounds like you had such a wonderful visit with your sister (even in spite of being sick). I love the bare bottom picture of the three "cousins"--so cute! I'm so glad you were able to reconnect, reminisce, and create new memories.

  3. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that photo of the boys little naked bottoms by the bathtubs....that is the most precious picture!!


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