A Day at the Zoo

^^My little brothers really enjoy entertaining Jed and Levi.  It's great!^^
^^That little pointer finger kills me every time!^^
^^Playing in the "gopher holes"
There were also dinosaurs that moved and roared positioned around the park.  I think Jed thought they were real!^^
^^Feeding the goats was most definitely a highlight^^
Hmmm... maybe that's where they picked up those germs that made us so miserable!
^^What Lauren would look like if she had giant ears^^
^^Last stop, the giraffes!  Jed was done.  Poor kid.^^

I keep waiting for life to slow down so that I can catch my breath, but it doesn't seem to be happening.  Part of that is my own fault--working on achieving new goals (like exercising at 6AM!) and living up the last weeks of summer with my boys--but I wouldn't have it any other way.  Life is good.

So let's pause for a minute and rewind time to the beginning of August when my sister was here.  On her last day with me we took a day trip to Boise to visit our mom and little brothers.  The first thing on our agenda: the Boise Zoo!  (Technically known as Zoo Boise, but that just sounds weird and backwards to me.) The zoo is undergoing lots of construction and the kids were hot and tired, but we made the best of it and had ourselves a good time anyway. How can I not have a good day when I get to see all sorts of strange animals and smiles on my boys' faces?! Those excited little smiles are the best.

Love you, Lauren!  Thanks for another great memory.

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