Levi's First Birthday {Recap}

Levi's first birthday just happened to occur the same weekend as the Smith family reunion.  He was surrounded by a million smiling faces, doting arms, and people who genuinely love him--or at least think he's super cute.  Levi partied hardy!  The day of his birthday he went camping, hiked to the top of a mountain, and went swimming for hours in the pool--all before cake and ice cream.

Because we were away from home, I didn't make any immaculate party plans.  Instead, I kept it simple and just picked up a cake and some ice cream from the local grocery store in Heber, Utah for the whole family to share and help celebrate.  Levi's first birthday was a success!  

 ^^Shy smile while everyone sang, Happy Birthday^^
 ^^Those goofy chiclet teeth get me every time^^
 ^^Thanks for the delicious cake, Smiths Grocery
The deli also surprised us with crazy good sushi too!^^

And now without further ado, the part we've all been looking forward to, frankly the absolute best part of a first birthday:

 ^^I think Jed felt a little left out and wanted to get in on the action too^^

 Then after a nice warm bath, it was time to open some presents before bed.  Thanks Grandma Kelley!

Happy 1st Birthday Levi!!!
You're a little ray of sunshine in our family.  We love you sooo much! 


  1. awhh Happy Birthday Levi! He's just so cute. Ps; I have to agree with you on Smith's sushi! It's sooooo good!!

  2. Those pictures are priceless! Happy Birthday to Levi. :)

  3. Happy Birthday little man!!! ;)

  4. Those big blue eyes and blonde curly cute!!

  5. Happy birthday to Levi!! What day is his "official" birthday? The reason I ask is because Little Lewie turned five on August 11th! You've gotta love those Leo children--so full of personality! (I love your pictures. How fun!)


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