The 17th Annual Smith Family Reunion

Summer just wouldn't be summer without a giant dose of family thrown in.  Que, the 17th Annual Smith Family Reunion.  Words can't express how grateful I am to my grandparents who started this tradition.  I love hanging out with my aunts and uncles and cousins.  We've made some crazy fun memories.  Some adventures we'll never forget, like Jeffrey rolling a jeep in the desert, Logan (enough said!),  late night garbage diving, and hotel room ice cream parties.  Each year has been a blast!  And though Grandpa's health is failing, we're not ready to quit getting together.     

This year we gathered at the Heber Valley Girls' Camp.  Okay, so it wasn't really camping with running water, electricity, and toilets, but we still slept in sleeping bags on rock hard bunks and ate s'mores roasted over a campfire.  It counts as camping in my book!  Especially since we didn't get any sleep.  (I'm looking at you, Carter.)

^^Levi and Grandma Smith hamming it up for the camera^^
^^Do you see the deer?  A moose stumbled through camp too!
Jed sure loves his grandma^^
^^Devin and Emily.  The Moffats are the glue to these family reunions.^^
^^My brother Joe working on his status as favorite uncle by feeding Levi warm marshmallows^^

Typcial Grandma, handing out copies of her favorite talks to everyone ,but we sure do love her!  For the second time, we were all enlightened on emotional intimacy.  So naturally "intimacy" became the running joke all weekend (though we realize Grandma does have a valid point), as well as this picture of a manicorn and how we Smiths are obsessed with feet.  Yes, we have superior shaped feet.  Just so ya know.  Is that too much weirdness packed into one paragraph?

^^Group hug for Grandma!^^
^^Carter enjoying his breakfast Saturday morning^^
^^My sister Lauren and her two year old boy, Carter
Totally Jed: wiping his nose.  My little brothers helped him make a bow and arrow^^
^^My little brothers, Michael and Ryan^^
^^Proof we weren't all smiles all the time.  Just keepin' it real^^
^^It is so cool to watch my brother interact with his nephews.  Joe seemed to truly enjoy taking Levi off my hands and carting him around.  It's the age: Levi is still a cute baby.  Joe will be a great dad someday.^^
^^Siblings reunited!^^

Saturday morning we headed out on a "short" hike to the top of the mountain.  At an elevation of 8,000 feet, it took our breath away!  Especially since all three little boys--Jed, Carter, and Levi--fell asleep on the way back down.  Dead weight is heavy!  But the view was still incredible.

Then the afternoon was spent at a zip line and ropes course with the entire family.   

^^Mom was absolutely hysterical to watch!  She was nervous and shaking and squealing.^^
^^Jed even insisted on having a turn.  They lifted him up into the air to swing and he freaked out.  That's my cautious child.^^
^^I'm speechless^^
^^Joe with my boys again.  If you want to love someone, love their children.
And Emma on her "pedastool".  She endured quite a lecture from our instructor.  She sure loved that! Hahaha  I suppose you just had to be there.^^

Then we moved the party down the mountain to Heber for one more night of fun.  I love my crazy family.  Till next time!


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time!
    P.S. Don't let the reunions stop when your grandpa goes!

  2. Wow, I wish we had family reunions like that!! I have to give your mom props for doing a ropes course; my mother would never go up on a rope!! Your family is so fun, warm, and adventurous--I love it!


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