Honest Jed

One awesome thing I love about Jed right now is that he cannot lie. The thought hasn’t crossed his mind yet. So when he meets me in the kitchen exclaiming that he peed on the bathroom floor, you bet I believe him!

His incapacity to lie also comes in handy when he’s being naughty.
“Jed, where did you put your hot dog?”
Without hesitation he points to the gaps between the boards of our neighbor’s deck.
“Jed, did you hit your brother?”
“No, I push him!”

But my favorite moment so far happened the other night when I was reading him a story at bedtime. As he turned away from me to hide beneath his covers I asked, “What are doing?”
Jed answered, “Picking my nose!”

I laughed out loud. I sure do love that little boy! His innocence is something I wish he’d never outgrow.


  1. Oh my gosh... SO CUTE! This makes me so curious about Mia. What silly things will she say? Will she be honest with me? Will she be a naughty little stinker? Ha!

  2. Haha. Love it. You are lucky he hasn't figured out lying yet. Hailey thinks she is good at lying. Of course mom can always see right through it.

  3. Oh I LOVE this!! I sure do wish Lewie had quite the same innocence. Unfortunately, since he has such a wild imagination, I catch him making up stories all the time! You're little boy is just the best...what a cutie!


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