Our California Roadtrip: A Day at the Beach

Just what is it about the sun, sand, and salty ocean that creates the perfect trifecta for an entire day of fun?!  Couple that with the family I only see once or twice a year and it becomes a memory to cherish forever. 

We spent one entire afternoon of our vacation playing in the sand and waves at Huntington Beach.  We swam, built sand castles, boogy boarded the waves, ate sandwiches, threw the football around, and buried little people alive (except for their heads, of course).  Our day was filled with a feeling of love and lots of laughter.  Thus, why I took waaay too many pictures!  I think it was my favorite day of the whole week. 

^^Run away!^^
Unfortunately, Jed was too tired to enjoy the waves very much.  He actually conked out later in the shade.  Carter, however, was a regular sea turtle!   
^^Levi's first trip out into the ocean.  It was a little too cold for his liking.^^
^^Mama & Baby at the beach!  
Yeah, I know, I've totally forgotten how to look cute at the beach.  I'm also self-conscious about my fat arms.  Totally working on that this Fall.  :) ^^
^^Isn't my sister gorgeous?!  It must be that pregnancy glow.  Carter and the little bean-to-be have an awesome mom.^^
 ^^Levi met Grandma Liz for the first time on this trip!  Liz is too young for that title, I think.^^
 ^^Carter Wade with Grandpa Wade
Brandon buried up to his chin!^^
 ^^Sights included cute sandy bellies^^
^^Jed finally fell asleep to the serenade of the ocean waves... and lots of noisy laughing and screaming.^^
 ^^Levi thought he scored his very own Pepsi.  I died laughing.  He's the cutest trouble maker you'll ever meet.^^
 ^^Lauren and her cute family... and Levi and me^^

Till next time, Beach!  Thanks for showing us a good time.  We love you so.


  1. Um, fat arms? Girl, you are crazy :) You look awesome! I'm jealous of the vacation, it looks like it was a blast

  2. Your pictures are so freakin clear and crisp....yeah, sometimes a little too much. Your dad looks like a fat hippo (yes, he agrees too)....I have a moustache (really???!!)...the one nice thing is that photo of you and have nice cleavage. You are one sexy momma!

  3. Your dad said, "they (you) were not very kind to me....I see where the 50 lbs's pretty bad"

  4. That envy already finished mine, good will to start thinking about the following. I love the photos are you gorgeous. Kisses and happy Tuesday.

  5. cute cute cute! you look gorgeous mama!

  6. I love beach's not fair that fall is on the horizon. You look wonderful! My favorite picture is where Levi thinks "he's scored his own Pepsi." That smile is contagious!


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