One Year :: 12 Months :: 52 Weeks

August 3, 2012
9lbs 9oz and 22 inches

Dear Levi,

Happy First Birthday! You are one year old, Baby Boy. I can’t believe it. These last twelve months have been the quickest of my life, and I resent that. I only get a finite number of babies to raise, you know. Therefore, I have cherished every moment of your babyhood. (Well, every moment except for those awful sleepless nights. Why are you so stubborn about sleeping sometimes?) Levi, from the moment you were born you made me feel whole. I didn’t know something was missing in my life until I held you in my arms for the first time. From your wide fat cheeks down to your crazy toes, I loved—and still love--every tiny detail about you.

Levi, you are the happiest baby to ever grace the planet! Your smile lights up your entire face, including those gorgeous blue eyes. It’s contagious. You enjoy making me smile as well; I can’t help laughing out loud when you start your antics on the changing table. Your latest tricks have definitely earned lots of smiles and attention as well: playing peekaboo, high fiving, clapping, and finger pointing. I also can’t get enough of your raspberries on my skin. You blow them on my legs, arms, neck, and cheeks. Cheeks are my favorite. They make me giggle! Levi, little boy, you make me so incredibly happy. No day is an entirely bad day with you around.

I am so happy Jed has you for a brother as well. You two definitely like to antagonize one another (On a side note: you’re tough, Levi. You can take a beating. However, you’ve also learned how to scream!) but despite all that, I can see the beginnings of a fantastic special relationship. You two are a regular pair of goofballs in the car or in the shower together.  Hearing the two of you laugh and play together makes my mommy heart soar. 

I love it when you call my name. “Mum, mum, mum!” And Dad gets a huge grin when you say “Da, Da, Da” as you lean towards him for a hug. You’re not walking or talking yet, but you’ve surprised me several times by trying to repeat what I say. It’s nuts to recognize my words on your little lips!

Levi, I can already tell you’re going to be my little daredevil. You have no fear.  The higher and faster I push the swing, the better.  Plus, you’re a climber! You’re already scaling the shelves in the den. And you look at me so proudly after mounting the coffee table. How do you expect me to keep a straight face with that twinkle in your eye? Needless to say, you keep me on my toes. (Like when you b-line it to the toilet to swirl your hand around in the water.) But it’s a good busy; it’s a pleasure to be your mother.

Levi, words cannot describe the depth of my love for you. I would move mountains if it meant you would be safe, healthy, and happy. I am so glad you belong to me and our family. I love you so much!

My whole heart,

Happy 1st Birthday!!!


  1. Such a sweet letter and a cute little boy!

  2. What a heartbreaker!!! Love him!

  3. Sweetest letter ever! I will be writing one to Mia before I know it :(
    I LOVE the cake pictures :) He looks like he was in heaven!

  4. What a sweet letter to your little boy. Happy Birthday Levi! (My son is an August baby too.) Keep on being a happy little boy, and try not to scare mommy too much with your daredevil antics :)

  5. Happy Birthday sweet boy! (And that gif is amazing!)

  6. Happy Birthday Little Levi!! We will celebrate when he arrives here!

  7. Cute, cute kid. Happy belated Birthday Levi!


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