How We Spent Our Weekend

I have good days and bad days.  This week I seemed to have more tired and unproductive days, even some crappy and lonely days.  It was a looong week.  But the weekend made up for that.  Why?  Well, mostly because I got to spend time with my two favorite people.  And...

I kicked the weekend off Friday night with a symphony concert.  Very fun for me!

Bron took Jed to the State Wrestling tournament on Friday to see his little brother compete.  Jed must've had the time of his life because now every time Bron gets ready to leave the house, Jed thinks he is going too.  He points for his jacket and says, "buh bye" to me.  Jed loves his dad and riding in the truck.

We conquered Costco for the very first time on Saturday afternoon.  We explored the aisles one by one.  We snitched bites of lunch at almost every little stand.  We spent over $100 and bought only about 10 items, including diapers in bulk (hooray!) and some Irish cheese (yum!).  Costco, you're potential financial death.

We invited some friends over Saturday night for pizza and games.  We always eat, but forget to play games.  We're too busy talking or something.  Plus, I got to hold this sweet girl again.

Jed fell asleep during sacrament meeting.  He was snoring!  It was a small miracle.

I slumbered peacefully for an hour after church!  Bliss.

A gal in the ward invited me to go to practice for the Easter Cantata.  Making music was fun, but getting to know someone new was even better!  She was so much fun to talk to.  Even better was realizing that there are lots of women at church who are in the same boat I am; relatively new and in need of some friends.  I think it's time for me to step out of my comfort zone a little bit.

Bron and I talked and dreamed about what we're going to do to our yard this summer.  It's going to be a lot of work and cost a little money, but I am sooo excited for flowers and lots and lots of color!


  1. Watch out for Costco. It's so easy to spend way too much money there! I know I've fallen victim to it. :) Hailey loves Costco. It's her favorite store. Besides the pet store.

  2. Awesome! Good for you guys! My boys love going places with their dad, and I love having them gone! Well, at least for a little bit. :) I love that picture! It looks like the perfect place for a photoshoot.

  3. I love your family pics too. I need to bust out that self-timer more often.


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