Life with the Little Man

 We play outside when the weather is a balmy 47 degrees.
I'm really looking forward to Spring and spending much more time outside!

 Note: This post is more of a journal entry for me.

As a stay-at-home mom, I have the privilege of spending every day with this little man.  He is my shadow and Bron's "mini me".  Jed is 21 months; he's creeping up on turning two years old.  And he acts like it!  Jed has two speeds: Going and Sleeping.  When he is awake, he is running!  I love his run; he just can't quite make a straight line.  One shoulder leads and then the other.  And sometimes he gets his knees way up in the air, like a march.  Jed makes me smile and laugh all day long.  He frustrates me from time to time too.  Yes, he can be naughty!  But he's generally a good happy kid and has the ability to melt my heart.  I guess you could say that I am smitten.  I can't smother his face with enough kisses!

Speaking of kisses, whenever Bron and I hug or kiss in front of Jed, Jed insists on getting in on the action.  Bron picks him up and we have a big family hug.  Jed freely gives his kisses away, complete with a small smacking sound.  We love him!!!

 We play in the newly fallen snow with his trucks.

We often pass our mornings by doing chores around the house.  Jed likes to "help" me take out the trash.  He can switch laundry, unload the dishwasher, and load soap into it too.  He likes to turn on the radio and pretend he is a lump under the covers when I make the bed.  He pretty much knows how everything works around here.  

I have learned to use Jed's helpfulness to my advantage.  Like today, at the store when Jed became too heavy for me to hold, I put him down.  Jed was about to have a meltdown when I asked him to "help mom carry the groceries".  He held onto that little bag of fried chicken like the world depended on it.  He didn't even trust the cashier to scan it!  Jed was so proud of his little job.  He really thinks he's helping, and that makes me so proud.  I'm glad I can help him feel capable and confident and helpful.

Jed likes to see what's going on in the kitchen.  Whenever I put my apron on, he must wear one too! 

 I must be feeling better because I like food again.  And I must be pregnant because I'm making loads of fresh salsa... again.  I could polish off a bowl like that one above in two sittings when I was pregnant with Jed.  
Now, Jed and I share our love for salsa.  Or maybe Jed just likes to dip.  Probably both.

Jed hasn't taken a bath in months; he prefers to shower!  He wants to be just like us big folks.  I entertained his curiosity one day by letting him get in after a bath.  After a few rounds of the "Hokey Pokey" (you know, to encourage him to get his limbs wet) Jed was hooked and has never gone back.  I love showering because it is so quick and easy to rinse Jed off when he is dirty or sticky.  But watch out, Jed is a hot water hog.  When sharing a shower with him, be sure to let Jed stand directly underneath the spray.  He is so funny!  He just stands there with his hands folded and lets the water run down his back.  What a kid. 

 We played with play dough one evening.  Jed wanted nothing to do with rolling or smashing it.  He only wanted to make cows with the cookie cutter.  So we made a herd and lined them up.  Then Jed took a big bite out of one!  I guess he was having beef for dinner?  Haha

Jed is totally into animals.  We read book after book about animals.  I can't wait to take him to the zoo this summer!  Jed is getting pretty good with his animal sounds too.  Whenever we go for a car ride, Jed "moos" and "naahs" to tell us he sees cows and horses.  And the neighbor's dog is always howling.  Now when we ask Jed, "What does a dog say?" Jed puckers his mouth into an "o" and says, "Aaooo!"  Jed is great entertainment.  

Jed can say a handful of words, but he's not really talking yet.  He just goes on and on in a mimicking gibberish.  That little voice is the sweetest thing I've ever heard!

 Jed with a bowl of Mac 'n Cheese on his head.
We started playing Candy Land.  I wanted to introduce Jed to learning colors.  So far, it's been unsuccessful.  Either Jed just doesn't care or he's colorblind.

Jed is a ball of energy and personality.  He does the funniest and cutest things.  Sometimes I think I'm living with an insane person!  But I am loving this toddler stage.  Of course, all this must be taken with a grain of salt because I am his mother and I am a little biased in his favor.  But I'm not the only one who likes him a lot.  Jed's dad likes him a lot too!  As do his Grandmas.

So that is a little peak into our everyday lives.  Bron works hard and Jed and I hang out around the house.  Jed's job is to play and make messes.  My job is to feed the wild child and clean up his messes.  We don't do much out of the ordinary.  In fact, I'm grateful that life is mostly boring because boring means that life is generally good.  I've been impressed lately by how greatly I've been blessed!  I seemingly have it all: a loving husband with a good job, a beautiful home to live in, a healthy happy little boy, another baby on the way (who is hopefully equally healthy and happy), my own health and my husband's health, and the list goes on!  How did I deserve to be so lucky?!?

My biggest fear?  I have sooo much to lose!  But I force that thought aside and try to live in the moment.

P.S.  Gee whiz, this post makes me seem like a better mother than I actually am.  In reality, I can get a little lazy.  "Sure, Jed can rip that apart while I finish this chapter in my book."


  1. What a cute kid! I love the heard of cows. We do have pretty good lives don't we!

  2. I've been feeling the same way lately. I love my life! Kids are the greatest! And Jed is a funny kid and always has been. I wish I was around more to chase him around. It makes me excited for Carter to get bigger. I enjoy him more and more as he gets older and develops his funny personality.

  3. He is a cutie. Toddlers are so entertaining (albeit naughty.) Congrats on baby #2!! Seriously, life gets easier with two. I can't explain it. Something to do with knowing what to expect, I think. You'll do great!


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