Nothing of Note This Week, Except...

1.  We went to the 32nd annual Home and Garden Show at the local college.  There were companies and vendors representing everything from landscaping to kitchen gadgets.  It was so much fun to grab business cards, brochures, and best of all, glean ideas!  Now that we are home owners, of course.  I am now completely sold on a steamer mop.  I waaannnt one!  Bron gabbed with the owner of a heating and air conditioning company about possible solutions to our outrageous heat bill.  (Propane sucks.)  Then he got some numbers for what it might cost to put up an awning in our back courtyard.  As for Jed, he was content to climb all over the tractors, play in a sand box, and eat ice cream with me.  One vendor even gave Jed a free ball.  Jed smiled from ear to ear and wouldn't quit grinning.  He was so happy!

Needless to say, we came home and measured the courtyard.  The wheels have started spinning in Bron's head.  He has big plans for that courtyard.  The good news?  A lot of the building, cleaning, and improving we can do this summer!  An awning will have to wait a few years, but a good looking backyard won't.

2.  I received an unexpected check in the mail for $500!  SWEET!!!  Apparently, the company I used to work for bought me out of my little bit of retirement.  Haha  I am debating on what to do with it.  Should I buy a new camera lens that I've been dreaming of or save it for something practical, like a lawn mower?  Hmmm... I guess we'll see!

3.  My tummy is growing (exciting!!!)!  I've already busted out a pair of maternity pants, live in anything with an elastic waist, and have even started dipping into my "fat clothes" collection.  Unfortunately, along with my burgeoning tummy growth I've noticed my thighs and arms have put on a little bit of cushioning.  Maybe I should start exercising a little bit?  Problem is I have absolutely zilch motivation.  The weather this month has been pretty gloomy.  Not as gloomy as in New York, but still.  What more can a girl expect from February?  Spring, please come soooon!

4.  I took Jed on a special afternoon "date" to Arctic Circle for lunch and to play at the indoor playground while Bron was away.  We were having fun together--trying to "catch" Jed through the little holes in the tunnels and helping him slide down the big tube slide--until I got my hair pulled and was disrespected by a bunch of four year olds!  All the while their smile-less mothers just sat in the back gossiping away like a pair of sour cats.  Really?!?  I wish I had the nerve to discipline someone else's child.  Maybe I will next time!  I really hope I can raise Jed to be much sweeter than that.

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  1. i wondered what those checks were for, i was going to call craig, but never got around to it. Mine wasn't 500 bucks, but it was a good chunk of change too. nice huh?
    p.s. i hate moms like the ones in arctic circle. thumbs down.


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