Happy Valentine's Day!  Now that I am a wife and mother, this holiday is better than ever.  (It sure beats those awkward high school days when we all waited around to see which lucky girl got the biggest bouquet of flowers from her boyfriend.)  I love my two boys with all my heart.  They make me feel whole and happy.  I'm so glad there's an entire day dedicated to declaring my love for them in such a fun way!  I stayed up Valentine's Eve cutting hearts and gluing them to ribbons to make streamers.  I made a giant "love" sign for the mantle and sprinkled little hearts across the tables.  Bron just gave me a smile and a kiss and said I was crazy.  But I wasn't.  The look on Jed's face this morning was priceless!  His eyes lit up as we passed through the streamers of hearts outside his bedroom door.  Then he gathered up an armful of hearts and carried them around the house.  He even opened some special Valentine notes sent from family in the mail.  We topped the morning off with a family breakfast of pink heart shaped pancakes with fresh fruit: strawberries, kiwis, bananas, and grapes.  And Bron got a little gift from me.  What a wonderful morning!

Happy Love Day, Bron and Jed!  I hope you can feel my love for you because you are my world. 

Side Note:
By the way, I had a rice krispy fiasco.  Some friends invited us over for dinner Saturday night and I volunteered to bring dessert.  I wanted an excuse to try a version of these strawberry rice krispy treats I saw while wandering pinterest.  My first batch was a flop.  They turned out hard as rock!  Completely inedible.  How could that be?  All I had to do was mix butter, marshmallows, and rice krispies together, right?  Wrong.  That's when I did some "research" on google and found these guidelines.  Ohhhh.  Everything I could've done wrong, I did.  Ooops.  Who knew such a simple recipe could be so difficult?  Well, I wasn't going to let some teeth chipping krispies get the best of me.  Oh, no.  I marched back to the store, bought some more marshmallows, and tried again.  Second time?  Success!  Plus, a little pink frosting and a strawberry just add flair.


  1. Perfect post. I love your collage. AND can you come make breakfast at my house!!! LOVE THE PINK!

  2. So cute! Next year I will make cute Valentine's day decorations! Our Valentine's day was great too, now that after 7 years of marriage we have finally both compromised and know what to expect for the holiday. :) Do you remember this?
    Thanks for the link!

  3. MMM I want to come to your house for Valentine breakfast!

  4. I realized I never answered your question. I used my lightscoop for the sleeping pics with a little ambient light coming in from the hall. It took a lot of tries before my camera would focus since it was so dark.

  5. So I didn't realize there was a special way to make rice krispies either. I'm going to have to try that.
    And what a nice mom you are! My poor kids didn't get anything for Valentines day. Maybe I'll be more up to it next year.

  6. Wow! I wish I lived at your place. I will never be that crafty. Probably ever. But I think it is so awesome!!


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