My House Creepeth

I had a mouse in my kitchen! It started leaving me little presents in the sink, on the counter, and in the drawers starting Saturday afternoon. I was so grossed out!

My hero and manly man killed the mouse last night!

And I bleached everything--twice.

I think we make a great team!

Bron thinks I'm pathetic. I probably am. It gives me the heebejeebees! My skin crawls just thinking about the mouse in MY kitchen! We've got poison and traps set just in case there are more.

The funny thing is my brother and I used to have pet mice when were little kids. I loved them!

One night Joe snuck into my room and whispered, "They're eating Snowy!"

Something had gone terribly wrong in the mouse micro-community; two mice turned on one. It was disconcerting and gross. But fascinating!

My family will never forget the time a rat came up the toilet and jumped out at my little sister. She was only two and about eye-level with it. It was quite traumatizing for her! To this day I think she still puts the toilet seat cover down before she goes to bed.

I don't know if any rodent story will ever top that one. (If you have one, let me know!)


  1. Freaky haha! Good thing for husbands!

  2. Mice are cute.. but not near anything that deals with food!!
    Your trip to Montreal looks like it was a ton of fun! I loved the pictures

  3. I wouldn't sleep in that house if it were me!! hahaha BLEH! I get the creepies just thinking about it! Me and Don were watching t.v one night and saw one run behind the couch and I flipped! but that's nothing compared to one being in the kitchen! Yay for Super Bron!


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