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This post is for Bron.

The week we left, the guys and their wives all got together for one last hoorah at "the usual". Everyone knows what that means: Texas Roadhouse. The restaurant is an all-around favorite. Kim and I get our "usuals" from the appetizer menu of chicken and ribs, and Tyson and Stef make sure to order their steaks burnt.  Hey, at least we're predictable! And the conversation was great!

The guys have all been friends since about middle school: Bron, Travis, Tyson, and Sam. They've been through a lot and have a lot in common. And the conversation always turns to farming at least twice in one night. Bron feels like these guys are brothers to him. Of all the things and people we left behind in Idaho, Bron will miss this group the most.

Thanks guys for a great night and for your thoughtfulness. They all signed a card and gave us a gift for our long car trip across the country. We will miss you and will definitely look forward to getting together at "the usual" when we come home to visit!

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