Burlington, VT

Old Church at the end of Church St.

Saturday morning I ran a new personal best: 5.01 miles in 38 minutes and 51 seconds. Wahoo! I'm blaming it on the altitude, baby. It's a lot lower here and easier to breathe, I think. Live high, train low! Gee, I sure hope my pedometer is accurate.

Saturday afternoon Bron took me into Burlington, Vermont to see the University campus. Wow. They've got a lot of old, pretty, red brick buildings. It amazes me how old everything is here. Then he took me to Church Street. The street has been paved over in cobble-stone and is now used for walking only. It's awesome! There are bistros, restaurants, clowns, overpriced shops, and a mall all along the street. We had a great afternoon window shopping and exploring. Before we headed home, we ate at a local pizza and pasta restaurant.

In order to get home, we had to cross Lake Champlain again. I'm a sucker for any big body of water! I LOVE the openess, I LOVE its tranquil power, and I LOVE boats. Between the sunset and full moon, the lake was paradise! I'm a little jealous of the people that get to live on those islands out there.

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