In Defense of the Bovine Lady

Miner Institute had an open house on Saturday afternoon. I briefly visited Bron while he explained to visitors about how the Calan gates operated. Then I wandered around the rest of the facilities to check out what else was going on.

Of the 650+ visitors to the Dairy Farm, most desperately needed to be educated. Some people had logical and intelligent questions. They were sincerely curious and it was a lot of fun! Other questions were just plain stupid. (Or maybe naive would be a better word.)

While studying a diagram of a cow's rumen, an older woman leaned over to me and exclaimed, "Those cows are polluting the air with all of that gas, you know. They belch it into the air!"

Polluting the air? Puhlease. She actually used the word, polluting? These are animals for crying out loud! And what does she think she is? A simply non-biological living organism?

I replied, "Well, we do too!"

Whoever came up with the idea to possibly tax a cow because the gas it belches contributies to "global warming"--or excuse me--"climate change", is probably the most sheltered person on the planet.

Politics are ridiculous.


  1. I love you Jessie!! I'm so busy right now but I PROMISE I'll call you!

  2. bahahahahaha! stupid lady! this post made my day!

  3. haha.. that is the laugh I needed today!! Polluting the air?? wow.. thanks for the laugh. I wonder if I would have laughed in her face if I was there??


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