The Adirondack Mountains

The Adirondacks

View from the top of Giant Mtn.

We're only going to be here for two years, so Bron and I are determined to see as much in the area as we possibly can. There are so many new places to see and explore!

The Adirondacks are a beautiful set of mountains! They are covered from floor to tip in dense green forest. It makes for breathtaking scenery. And don't be fooled; although these mountains are smaller than the Rockies, they still make for steep trails and perilous cliffs. Plus, the suffocating humidity is a beast to overcome.

Just like in the movie,The Last of the Mohicans, we sprinted up the flat rock! Minus the rifle.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Hiking is half fun and half miserable. We both love the outdoors and the thrill of adventure, but a tough hike wreaks havoc on the entire body! Perhaps we're just weak.
We made it to the peak of Bald Mountain without a problem and ate lunch at the top. But the trail continued on, so we had to continue on as well. If we didn't conquer the mountain that afternoon, we'd just be back up there a few weeks later. Plus, where's the sense of accomplishment if you know you only did half of what you could have?

Giant Mountain: Our Next Challenge
Almost a 6,000 foot climb from the bottom of the trail

The trail headed--literally--straight up! This hike is not for the faint of heart. It was like a giant stair stepper all the way up. Our thighs hurt. Our knees hurt. Our calfs hurt. And our feet hurt. But it was TOTALLY worth it! Wow! It was just as hard climbing down as it was up.

On the way home nothing sounded better than a burger and fries. We sat down and ate at A&W. Normally a burger and sharing fries with Bron fills me right up, but not Saturday night; I was still hungry! And so was Bron. But Bron was too embarrassed to order another burger. hehe So we hopped in the car and drove down the street to McDonald's and ordered another burger for Bron and a strawberry milkshake for me. Yum! Sweet victory.

That night, Bron and I could barely hobble up the stairs. Our muscles ached. But I guess it's a good kind of ache. An accomplished and well-deserved reminder of our day in the Adirondacks.

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  1. hahaha! I have to agree that hiking is both fun and miserable at the same time. Good thing we like the good outdoors!
    ps: I like your new profile backround...I used to have the same one! great sisters think alike!


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