Happy New Year! Quick 2018 Recap

When folks ask how we're doing and I answer that there's nothing exciting to report but we're doing well, it's the truth!  It may have been a relatively drama-less year (counting my blessings) but life is anything but boring.  In fact, I feel like with two boys in school now, our lives are becoming more full of absolutely everything!  It's downright busy.  I am neck deep in motherhood.  I am learning and relearning every single day about patience, unconditional love, time management, self-care, and what selfless service really looks like.  I fail and I fail again, but I get up to try over and over again because this unquenchable love for my family fuels me.  I know I live a charmed life.  I am so grateful for all that I have.  Cheers to a new year ahead and all of the fun memories and lessons that 2019 will surely bring!

Here's what happened in 2018:

January: I spent a week visiting my sister in Arizona during her radiation treatments.  The warm sunshine felt divine!

February: A big snowstorm blew in and then the weather warmed up so much that we spent a Saturday exploring Black Magic Canyon as a family. I started coaching the Magic Valley Girls' Lacrosse team.

March: We enjoyed an epic Spring break week as a family playing in St. George, Utah.  My sister was technically declared cancer free!

April: Jed turned eight years old and Levi lost his first tooth! I also attended the Instainspire retreat to geek out about all things photography.

May: Bron took the leap and started a new job as an Independent Dairy Nutritionist.  We were overwhelmed by the love and support we felt from family and friends at Jed's baptism.  We went camping and rock climbing in the City of Rocks one weekend. Finally, we found the elusive Phantom Falls on a Memorial Day hike.  

June: We played on the tallest and fastest slide at the Nelson Family Reunion and enjoyed all things summer: mowing and weeding the lawn, fishing and swimming at Bass Lake.  Our lives were also temporarily consumed with baseball.

July: Bron and I snuck away to McCall for a weekend of food and mountain biking and sweet alone time.  I backpacked into Lake Imogene with the Young Women and Bron floated the Middlefork with the Young Men.  

August: Bron raced Pierre's Hole for the 5th time. Levi celebrated turning six and we visited my dad in California for his big 60th birthday!  We had the best time with the big boys at Disneyland!  Jed and Levi began 3rd and 1st grades.

September: My photography business took off for the season and the boys began their first football season.  Levi began piano lessons!

October: We enjoyed all the Fall colors and things with a visit to the corn maze and walks in the South Hills and around town.  We teamed up with what felt like the whole neighborhood for Trick-or-Treating on Halloween night.

November: Conrad turned two and went on his very first "mountain bike" ride when my mom and brothers visited for a day.  We celebrated Thanksgiving on the Nelson Dairy.  The boys started their wrestling season.

December: We welcomed a puppy into our home to love!  We spent a weekend in Utah visiting my grandma, touring the lights at Temple Square, and swimming at Crystal Hot Springs.  Our Christmas season was full to the brim with family and friends, cookies and candy, a little service for the boys, and a LOT of new toys.  

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