A Second Christmas on the Nelson Dairy

As per tradition, we headed East on the Saturday after Christmas to celebrate a second Christmas with the Nelson family.  Everyone was there this year!  We ate so much food, exchanged presents, enjoyed a little program, and played a ton of games.  The world was also drenched in snow.  It was chaotic and noisy with so many people under one roof, but it was pretty picturesque too.  I am so glad we live close enough to family that my boys get to develop lifelong friendships with their cousins.  These kinds of get togethers are important and are ultimately sweet memories.    

^^Cousins eating at the table.^^
^^I took a few quick snapshots of my newest niece, Liberty.^^
^^A group of kids and I went on a long snowy walk through the woods to the river and back.^^
^^Shaking the trees free of all the snow became a game!  They made clouds of snow!  Snow fun!  (Pun totally intended.)^^
^^Haha.  Pretty sure everyone had snow down their necks.^^
^^Tannon, Levi, Wesley, Jed, Jaden, and Leah^^
^^Only three made it to the river.  The others turned back early.^^
^^Leah getting brave and throwing snowballs at the boys!^^
^^Bron working hard for "favorite uncle" status.  Really, he's just a giant warm heater with the best heartbeat; babies can't resist falling asleep on him.^^
^^One of my all time favorite scenes: Grandpa teaching his grandkids to play Canasta.^^

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