January Snapshots and 5 Current Happenings

^^Puppy kisses!^^

1. Conrad started potty training!  He's doing so well.  No kidding.  I tried it a few months ago and my efforts failed miserably; he just wasn't ready.  But over the last couple of weeks, Conrad has intermittently ripped off his diaper and peed in the toilet all by himself!  What?!  I took that as a sign that I should probably try again.  On day one he had accidents all morning, but by evening had some successes.  Woohoo!  On the morning of day two (today), he pooped in the toilet.  And as any parent knows, that's a big win.  I think Conrad might be just as excited and impressed as we are!  He's smiling from ear to ear and telling me all about it -- even though I was there.  Hehe.  We've been loading on the praise and the treats.  I am so proud of him.  However, potty training has made Conrad a lot more clingy and emotional.  I can only imagine.  What a huge feat to suddenly learn to control your body like that!  So Conrad has been getting lots of extra cuddles today.          

^^Trapped in ice in our driveway^^
^^Just another morning in the kitchen: beautiful rays of light, pajamas, sippies of milk, and a puppy who thinks she needs a taste of everything.^^

2. I got a new washing machine!  As soon as I set up our new front loader, I couldn't believe I'd let my old one limp along for so long.  The bearings were going out in it and I had to push the button at least twice to un-pause each load.  Then, the cycle would never finish so I'd have to switch the load to 'drain and spin'.  A load of laundry was a process.  One day I opened up my dryer only to whaft in the scent of warm pee.  Conrad's blanket obviously was not clean.  And so I drew the line right then and there: it was time for a new washer.

After a few days of research and deliberation, we finally settled on another GE front loader.  It was so heavy that I couldn't help lift it.  Bron was the man of the year when he awkwardly walked it across half the garage, up two steps, and set it up in the wash room.  Haha.  So awesome.  Don't ever try to stop that man when he's on a mission.  The new washer ran about 8 glorious loads of laundry (All in under an hour.  Woot!) and then the barrel quit spinning.  What?!?  Fortunately, Lowe's has a 90 day policy and we were able to exchange it for a brand new one completely hassle free.  Whew.

So now I have a second brand new washer sitting in my home.  (A big thank you to Bryce who came over to help with the heavy lifting this time!)  I'm keeping my fingers crossed this one works for several years instead of just a week.  

^^Jed looking so big and mature these days.  Also, I love the shadows the winter light makes in our home.^^
^^Midnight snack for our independent two year old.  Yes, we put his jammies on backwards on purpose.  He's really good at undressing himself and peeing all over everything; just one reason I'm so anxious to get him potty trained.^^

3. We spent the majority of last Saturday running errands in town as a family.  We exchanged my washing machine, got the boys' haircuts, and ate lunch at Café Rio.  Bron and I sat at our table and couldn't keep a straight face as we watched Levi fill up his cup.  Levi began with some lemonade, added orange Fanta, then a couple of squirts of fruit punch Hi-C, and rounded it out with Root Beer.  Eeeew.  He offered me a taste.  So I tried it; I could actually taste every single flavor.  It was wild.  But no thanks.  Those suicide drinks are definitely only appreciated by people still sporting single digit ages.

Pictures from that one frosty and frozen magical morning...  

^^Steam rising from our rooftop.  I know I'm a geek, but I thought it was so cool.^^

4. We were sitting in the cultural hall during church one Sunday when Conrad decided he was going to wear my backpack.  I helped him pull the straps in to make it tighter and he began waddling around the extra space in the gym.  Suddenly, he fell over onto his side like a turtle and couldn't get back up.  "Uh-oh!  Uh-oh!" he called.  It was hilariously cute.  The entire congregation in the back was trying not to bust a gut.  Man, I love that kid! 

^^Those quiet ten minutes I thought I had.  I should know better by now!  Fortunately, no mascara was used on the walls.  I grabbed a makeup removing towelette and had him cleaned up in less than two minutes.^^

5.  I threw a baby shower for my friend Kelsi!  She's expecting a baby girl any day now.  I really like throwing showers... er, I mean, excuses to get a bunch of ladies together to eat and chat.  It really is terrific.  And I have the best community of friends.  Many of my girlfriends asked what they could bring to help.  So I made assignments for all sorts of food.  Kyanne went above and beyond providing games and prizes.  They all made throwing a party so easy!  It was amazing.  I'm never moving.  I don't think I'll ever be able to find a group of friends quite like this ever again.  It's something special.

I binged watched the show Timeless on Hulu this month.  Yes, from the very first episode through to the last.  I watched it folding laundry.  I watched it during nap time.  I watched it after the kids went to bed.  It was like a good book that I couldn't put down!  The show has it all: action, sci-fi, and romance all intertwined with real American history.  It's a really fun show!  Plus, it's clean enough that I feel comfortable letting the boys watch it.  I don't mind cuddling up to watch each episode a second time.   

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  1. Everyday moments captured are my favorite kind of shot! And good luck with potty training. So far, it's been far and away my least favorite part of parenting, ha ha. And I'm nervous to have to potty train a boy in a couple years! My daughter was hard enough!


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