A Very Relaxing Overnight Ski Trip with My Honey

First, a HUGE THANK YOU to Grandma Nelson for loving on and taking care of our hooligans three.  Without her, this post would not be possible.

Over the weekend, Bron got to cash in on that Christmas gift I prepared for him: a weekend ski getaway with his best girl.  He loves skiing, and since I just tolerate the cold, it was done all for him.  Well, come to find out, I think I was the one who benefited most from our relaxing overnight trip!  It's hard to explain how tight I've let myself become wound!  Always going, going, going and doing, doing, doing. This was just the thing I needed to slow down, relax, and completely unwind.

We left the boys at Grandma's house early on Saturday morning and headed the hour and a half east to Grand Targhee.  The mountain was socked in with fog, but we had a fabulous day on the slopes anyway.  We mainly stuck to the lower lifts because that one time we ventured to the top of the mountain, our goggles froze over with ice!  We were in a freezing rain cloud and couldn't see a thing.  It made me feel motion sick, moving and straining to discern anything in the vast whiteness.  I concentrated on just getting down the mountain to the lodge where I knew we'd be able to eat some lunch and warm up.  We skied in, our clothes covered in sheets of ice.  It melted and we just dripped water.  Fortunately, my coat is waterproof and Targhee makes the most delicious hot chocolate ever.  I've never tasted hot chocolate so thick and rich!  (Plus they have whipped cream, cinnamon, and sprinkles to add on top. Bonus yum!)  We dried ourselves for a few minutes next to a fire and then headed off again.  We really enjoy the Blackfoot lift each time we go skiing at Grand Targhee.  The runs aren't too long, the hill is steep enough to be challenging but not overwhelming, and there's always powder.  We seriously just made loops all afternoon, up and down.  The best part was I was doing it all alongside my best friend.  I'm not sure what we'd do if one of us ever lost our health, but for now, outdoor activities and adventuring are something that help bring us closer together.

After skiing the day away, it was time to check in to our cabin in Driggs I rented through VRBO.  It was a clean, cozy, and comfortable little one roomed studio that used to be a glass shop.  The owners built a new shop on their property and renovated their old wooden barn into an apartment.  The jetted tub felt fabulous after feeling chilled!  I couldn't believe what a great find it was.

We ate at Teton Thai for dinner and then wandered through the snow sculptures.  The judging had just taken place that afternoon and the folks who happened to be our hosts won 2nd place.  Small town.  Haha.  The snow sculptures were incredible!  They were huge, at least 8 feet tall.  And the attention to detail on some of them was just amazing.  It was so fun to see the art people made out of snow!

Then we went back to the cabin to do, well, absolutely nothing.  I could just feel the stress and tension lifting itself away from my shoulders.  It's interesting being away from home and our normal routines.  There weren't any projects or dishes hanging over our heads.  No kids to put to bed.  And none of our usual distractions like tv or computers.  I guess that's why it's called a vacation!  Wow, did we soak it in.  A little adventure, food, sex, and rest is just plain good for the soul.

I had an "aha" moment when I woke up Sunday morning.  I dreamt that the boys were there in the cabin with us.  They were being their normal busy selves and I was playing referee, trying to keep them from making too many messes or damaging anything.  The fridge had soy sauce spilled all over inside!  I was relieved to open my eyes and realize that the boys were not there and there were no messes to clean.

"Oh," I thought, "my kids make me feel stress!"  I have three little stress balls in my life that I love so very much.  They are the main reasons why I feel so anxious and wound tight!  But it's normal and it's a good thing because I believe that stress is a sign that I care so very much about them. They're not going anywhere which means they will continue to be sources of both joy and stress. The only thing to do is learn to manage the stress a little better.  That part will be a work in progress over the coming months.  So ask me how that's going come May or June, will ya?

Until then, I'll be basking in the memory of utter relaxation with my handsome auburn haired other half.                          

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  1. Love that advice from your dad! I often feel the same way and this year am trying to focus on little goals at a time instead of the big ones. Sometimes crossing off "unload dishwasher" can count as a successful day! Also isn't that little break so good for the soul? We have a night away at the end of Feb and I am counting down the minutes.


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