Christmas Day 2018!

This year, Bron and I promised each other that it would be a small Christmas.  We're fortunate that all of our needs are met and many of our wants too.  The last thing the boys need is more stuff.  Turns out, spoiling our boys is just too much fun!  We've been hoarding gifts since October.  WE BOUGHT A FREAKING PUPPY!  And you'll just have to scroll down to read a little story about the biggest and best surprise Bron has ever pulled off for me.  Simply put, Christmas was over the top this year.  The season was filled to the brim with everything good: candies and cookies, lights and trees, friends and family, but it overflowed with gifts.  I can't help laughing at ourselves.  However, I don't regret a thing, especially when all three kids are still wide eyed believers in Santa Clause.  Christmas is magic.

Bron and I were both wide awake at 6:00AM, anxious for the boys to wake up.  Finally, we heard Jed and Levi whispering in their room waiting for their clock to turn 7:00AM.  I woke Conrad -- who had absolutely no idea what was going on -- and we all paraded into the living room to celebrate Christmas!          

^^Diving into their stockings from Santa^^
^^I'm not sure how long Conrad just sat here but he sure was enjoying himself.  He was wrapped in a soft blanket, had his very own flashlight (kid is obsessed with lights and buttons), a new truck, and was chowing down on candy.  Two year old bliss.^^
^^New movies!^^
^^Levi's happy face when he realized Santa had brought him a drone!  He's only been begging for one since before last Christmas.^^

These particular drones flew themselves.  They had a sensor so that the kids could control its height with their hands... or it would, in theory, float just above the floor.  The drones were absolutely perfect for little kids!  They were so cool!!!  But I'm talking about them in past tense because neither made it more than about 24 hours.  Drones are just fickle toys.  One got snagged by the puppy.  (There's obviously no recovering that!)  The other had too many run-ins with the floor and walls.

Somebody somewhere was praying really hard for a white Christmas.  The days leading up to the holiday were very wet but very warm.  I thought for sure it would rain on Christmas day.  Instead, we awoke to a soft blanket of snow!  And it just kept coming down all day long.  It was amazing.  Christmas magic is real, I tell ya!

Next up: games of laser tag with their new laser guns!  More than once I hid with Conrad and wound up dead.  He kept shooting me!  Haha.  Kid doesn't miss a beat.  

After the sun came up, it was time to make breakfast... with my brand new double sided Belgian waffle maker.  Deliciously awesome!  That baby kicks out perfectly fluffy and crispy waffles.

Levi: "Mom, what do you call a pancake with abs?"
Me: "I'm not sure."
Levi: "Waffles!"

^^A shirtless little boy because, hello, berries!  And Misty.  The furry little beggar knows where to find the good stuff!^^
^^Caught cuddling^^

After breakfast, it was time to dig into the presents from under the tree!  (Er, I mean the presents stacked on top of the desk so that Misty and Conrad wouldn't rip them open.)

Love that face up there!  Levi has always been an expressive kid.  Jed and Levi bought presents for one another but told each other beforehand what they'd bought!  The anticipation of surprise is still lost on them.

Conrad finally opening his Incredibles family action figures!  He held onto the box at Costco one day with a death grip, so I bought it and tossed it into the back of the car.  Because Conrad fell asleep on the ride home,  I was able to stealthily hide it away for Christmas.  Over the last few weeks, Conrad had been pointing to the back of the car and asking, "Jack Jack?  Jack Jack?"  He didn't forget!

^^Opening their Garmin watches from Commander and Liz!  They're a total hit and haven't left their wrists.^^
^^Conrad got Mickey Mouse!  I've been planting a kiss on both Conrad and Mickey at bedtime now.^^

I had a special little surprise for Bron that I was so proud I actually kept!  Inside the box was a Swiss Gear overnight backpack with a little note telling Bron that I'd planned an entire weekend getaway to Grand Targhee in January.  "You serious?" Bron asked with a big grin.  Yes!  (A giant thank you to Grandma Nelson for being willing to babysit!)

Then it was my turn to be surprised.  Bron lamented all month long saying thigs like, "I hope you like your Christmas gift.  I hope it's not too lame."  And then on Christmas Eve, around 5:00PM, he pulled the typical man card and claimed he had to go into town to finish shopping!  What?  Seriously?  At that moment I suspected he might have something up his sleeve, but I couldn't be sure.  After all, he did bring home a gallon of milk.

On Christmas morning, Bron handed me a box.  Inside was a pair of bike pedals I'd been asking for. There was also a riddle that led me outside to the truck.  Bron had his phone out recording a video that is half embarrassing now.  I peeked inside the back door of the truck to find a BRAND NEW BIKE!!!  Yup, I flipped out.  I cried a little.  Screamed a little.  Jumped up and down a little.  And after pumping up the tires, took her out for a short ride on the snow covered streets.  It is nothing short of a super sweet bike.  Just the components alone... my jaw is on the floor.  Plus, look!  It's an intimidating black with punchy pink accents.  Ahhh!!!  Best. Christmas. Ever.  I think Bron just did himself a disservice because I'm not sure he'll ever be able to top this gift.  Thanks so much, Honey!            

The rest of Christmas day was spent lounging in our pajamas watching movies, playing with toys, and eating.  Christmas bliss.

^^Jed and Levi tried building a snowman but couldn't get the head to stay on.  So they knocked it off and they became the snowman's head!  Brilliant.^^

We love you, Christmas!  Only 360 more days til we meet again.

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  1. Thanks so much for documenting Jessie. I feel like I was actually there which is great for the grandma not living close.


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