A Very Merry Christmas Eve Sledding Exploit

A very Merry Christmas Eve!  We had the best day adventuring in the thick snow of the South Hills with good friends burning off some of the boys' over-excited Christmas energy.  Getting outside is the only way to kill those last waking hours before Santa comes to visit.  Otherwise, I think the kids would go absolutely bonkers and tear the house apart board by board.  A snowshoe/sledding exploit was just the ticket for making fun memories and getting the boys sound asleep before 10PM... because, you know, Santa had some wrapping to do!

The sledding hill at Penstemon was so packed full of people that cars began parking on the road.  Wow!  Bron didn't hesitate to drive right on past it.  Instead, we made it to the top of the peak, parked, and strapped on our snowshoes.  I am so glad we have these snowshoes and that the boys enjoy it.  Even Conrad couldn't wait to get into the backpack for a ride.  The Horsleys met us up there and after the kids sledded down one small hill for a few minutes, we trekked maybe a half mile with our snowshoes up to our very own secluded bowl -- the absolute perfect sledding hill.  We had it all to ourselves!

The kids immediately began breaking in a track.  And it just got faster and bumpier and faster.  It was such a blast!  I may have mowed Conrad over on our second trip down, but he still begged for more.

Okay, so each boy had a meltdown somewhere along the way.  Just keeping it real.  There was a point in there where Jed face planted after a run and wailed, "I CAN'T FEEL MY FACE!!!" over and over again.  (He didn't know that we were secretly giggling from atop the hill.)  Fortunately, my boys can be tough.  They worked through their fits on their own and wound up having a grand time when all was said and done... in the truck with plenty of hot chocolate, candied nuts, pretzels, oranges, and brownies; all the elements of a magical beginning to Christmas.                    

 ^^One of my favorite girls, Addy Cakes.^^
 ^^Tired already?!^^
 ^^Hee-haw, Bron!  I love you so much.^^
 ^^Our very own sledding hill.  This picture doesn't do its steepness justice.  It was just plain awesome.^^
^^Conrad was just like a puppy.  He happily ate snow, whined a little, slid halfway down the hill on his bum, got carried up the hill multiples times, and like the true little adrenaline junkie he is, couldn't wait to sled down the giant hill!^^
 ^^Aaron, Abram, and Addy plowing through the snow!^^
 ^^Owyn's wipe out!^^
^^For some reason I just love this one of Levi trekking back up the hill for another run with that giant rubber donut.^^
 ^^Jed's hand over Levi's face makes me laugh!^^
^^I usually overlook images like this one above, but recently realized I probably shouldn't.  It tells so much of a story and gives clues to personality.^^

P.S.  Yup, I've been experimenting with different presets and edits.  If you can tell the difference between some of these photos, then bravo, you have a great eye!  If you can't, then that just tells me that I have a particular style and can't seem to depart much from it.

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