Celebrating a Full Week with Our Misty Girl

They say the universal language of the world is math, but I say they might be wrong.  I think the universal language that nearly every human being can get behind juuust might be puppy love.  I submitted this photo above -- Misty's very first portrait -- to a few places online and was overwhelmed by the response!  It was fun to hear how much everyone loves their dogs!  Not one negative thing was said about Australian Shepherds.  And Misty here, well I may be biased, but I think she is a beautiful looking dog.  She's like a real life teddy bear.  Her eyes are two different colors!  Every time I hold her, all I can think of is that line from Despicable Me: "IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!"

Our first week with Misty has thankfully been pretty uneventful.  It's looking pretty obvious that I will most definitely lose a pair of shoes sometime in the near future along with a handful of other items, but so far, she's been a dream.  Misty is ten times easier to handle than Conrad.  Potty training?  Sure, she's had a few accidents but when we let her out on time, she does her stuff in the yard in a jiffy.  Plus, I never have to change her diaper and she can feed herself.  Her favorite spot to nap is in mine and Bron's closet.  It's a dark and quiet den where she can find shoes and dirty clothes to lay on.  The boys love entertaining her.  In fact, we could hear Conrad crying for her one night.  "Puppy!  Puppy!" he cried around 11pm.  Misty is going to be so good for Conrad.  She jumps on him for attention and tries to eat his food.  He pesters her right back by picking her up and carrying her around the house, hugging her around the neck.  They're a funny pair already.  After two days, even Tyke came around and adopted her.  He looks out for her in the yard and wrestles her on the living room floor.  It brings a smile to my face every time I witness this new side of Tyke!

Misty is definitely an addition to the family I'm so happy to have.  I'm looking forward to many years of having her by my side on the trails and at home.

Next up, a bunch of pictures I took this week.  I feel like I need to document her puppyhood!  She'll be all grown up before we can blink twice.

^^Snoozing on the tile.  One of our favorite details is her speckled nose!^^

On day four, the boys went to school and Bron traveled to Montana leaving me with a new puppy, no entertainment, and no routine for her at all. Misty kept escaping from the back courtyard!  Who knew she could squeeze through all those cracks?!  Conrad was on a roll; he was a wild child who would not keep his clothes on.  And to top it all off, I was recovering from a stomach bug only to deal with a nasty cold and cough.  I was exhausted.  We had a rough few hours on Tuesday, but we survived!  I hope you can find the humor in some of these photos as I did.

^^Placing tape on his puppy.^^
^^This would be my half naked toddler who can't wait for his puppy to finish napping to come back inside and play. Scene brought to you by my other smudged window.^^

Jed has such a natural sensitivity to animals.  He loves them and they love him back!  It was so nice to have him home after school to entertain the puppy on that rough Tuesday afternoon.

A few days later...

^^Trying to steal Conrad's banana!  They're great buddies already.^^
^^Chewing on the Christmas tree.  Silly puppy.^^

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