Snapshots of Life Lately: March

^^Just details I don't want to forget.^^

Above is one of those photos that won't mean anything to anyone else but me. That specific chair in the corner has become Conrad's perch. It's where he snacks on Jed's leftover bowl of dry cereal and watches the world out the window. I know this habit is just a phase and I am glad to have this photo because it conjures up so many small but sweet every day memories. The small stuff is the meaningful stuff, ya know?


Sunshine, laundry, and my boys.  Two of those things are a favorite, the third is rock bottom on my list.  I'll let you guess which!

I wonder if this is a stage-of-life phase or if it has to do with personality... maybe a little bit of both?  I'm terrible at planning anything in detail: family trips, church activities and lessons... I mean, I don't like to be clueless, so I plan a little bit in advance but I leave a lot to chance.  I'm kind of a live-in-the-moment and wing it when I get there type of gal.  I'm great at showing up though. If it's on my calendar, then there's a 98% chance I'll be there, ready to work hard and get whatever it is done to the best of my ability.  I feel I rely too much on letting someone else do the leg work but honestly, I just don't have the organizational brain power right now!  Life is busy!  In the best ways, of course.  So tell me, which type of person are you?

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