Puddle Jumper

These pictures tell the story of what happened after Conrad and I dropped Levi off at the bus stop this morning.  Wet, cold, and muddy, Conrad couldn't have cared less.  He was on a mission to explore the world!  In fact, Conrad couldn't splash through the puddles fast enough.  He excitedly ran from puddle to puddle, his little feet making circular wakes as he stomped.  I laughed.  I might have had my mommy goggles on, but seriously, this short little one year old was sooo cute!  Conrad was definitely in his element outside.

At one point, Conrad walked through the mud, caking his shoes in it.  Then he discovered that the mud washed off when he ran through the water.  Neat!

I had so much fun just watching my little boy play outside.  The world through his eyes is nothing short of amazing!  Please stay little Conrad so that we can play like this every day. 

 ^^That pouty lip is killing me.  Ain't nobody have time to go inside for a nap!^^
^^Heart eyes for the miniature muddy footprints.^^

In other news, it's almost Spring.  My daffodils are poking their sweet yellow heads up out of the ground.  The temperature is slowly on the rise (even though it snowed this morning) and we've had some blustery days.  Best yet, I'm finally finding my way out of my winter funk.  Woohoo!  For weeks there, I just could not find the motivation to do much of anything.  I felt sluggish and tired and overwhelmed.  Exercise, strict internet usage, and the promise of Spring have me feeling like myself again.  Thank goodness.      

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  1. Oh, your little Conrad is getting so big! It must have been so much fun to watch him run through those puddles and discover his feet can get clean from the mud! Life is so precious.


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