I think we survived what I hope is our very last snow storm of the season.  This year, it feels like winter never wanted to start and now it never wants to end!  We woke up to an inch of snow on the ground Saturday morning.  Needless to say, we are all counting down the days til our trip to St. George, UT for Spring Break!  It's coming so soon!  I'm really looking forward to some family time, relaxing with no real schedule or list of chores and adventuring in the sunshine with the people I love most.

But until that happens, let's review what happened this weekend because I want to remember what real life looks like these days too.

::  Due to snow on the ground Saturday morning, our lacrosse clinic was canceled.  But no matter, I got to tag along to Jed and Levi's wrestling match in Wendell, ID instead!  I'm so glad I got to go.  Both boys have improved so much since last year.  And that's all I could ever want for them: to increase their talents and enjoy what they do.  I'm so proud of Jed and Levi.  Levi won two matches and lost two matches.  Jed lost three matches but pinned a kid in his second match.  Then Bron bought them popcorn.  I'd say our morning on the mats was a success!

::  I participated as a violinist in the pit orchestra for the Stake Easter Cantata for I think the 7th year in a row.  Has it really been that many years?!  Blows my mind.  I admit, I'm a diva and was disappointed when I didn't get to play any solo parts this year.  Apparently we violinists take turns instead of auditioning for the solo parts... which is not what the choir did, but whatever.  My pride is just stinging.  Anyway, it was still good for my soul to play music in praise of my Savior.  I really do enjoy this tradition at Easter time as it gives me a chance to reflect upon the life of Jesus Christ and the sacrifice He made for me; it really helps put my priorities into line.

On another note, I got to meet a particular Elder Kartchner on Sunday night.  This Elder happens to be my sister's nephew from Pima, Arizona.  I made sure to introduce myself after the Cantata performance.  He said he knew who I was as soon as I opened my mouth!  Haha.  Lauren and I sound so much alike.  Small world.  It was fun to make that connection.

::  At 16 months old, Conrad is officially the most exhausting toddler ever.  I'm not sure if it's truly because he's that much of a busy maniac or if I'm just more relaxed (because hello, he's the third!) and distracted by other things to keep up with his messes.  But really, he is super busy.  He delights in destruction and emptying drawers and eating out of the garbage and is completely irrational.  Conrad has just come upon the 'terrible two' fits, throwing himself onto the floor when he doesn't get exactly what he wants.  He is getting good at screaming and yelling.  I suspect he just wants to be heard in this already loud house of boys.  He's very attached to his mama right now and starts to freak out if I'm preparing to leave the house, but if he has his shoes on and coat in hand, Conrad knows he's leaving too and stands waiting at the door.  He has one word in his vocabulary: Mum.  He says it over and over and in varying intensities from happy to downright angry.  Conrad is also a runner.  He speeds off only to turn around and grin, just making sure we're following him.  Can you imagine what church looks like for us right now? 

All Bron and I can do is lock all the doors and laugh.  We laugh a lot actually, because no matter how much work Conrad is right now, he's ten times cuter.   And that cuteness is what makes it all worth it.

Conrad just gets under our skin with the biggest hugs, the most charming grin, and his dance moves.  I can't get enough!  Just yesterday, he made a b-line for my room when he saw the baby gate open.  I followed and came in to see him holding items from my dresser drawer with the biggest cheesiest proudest grin.  He's such a happy tease!  I couldn't help laughing out loud and scooping him up into a hug.  As exhausting as this age is, it's truly one of my favorites.  Stay little okay, Conrad?  We love you and your naughty cuteness!          

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