The River Dash Kayathlon

 ^^The Dashing Darlings: Shelly, Jessie, and Tiffany^^


Saturday morning, Bron and I took on the River Dash Kayathlon.  I did it as a relay team with these cool ladies above.  We called ourselves the Dashing Darlings and we came in second!  Tiffany ran two miles, I biked ten miles, and Shelly kayaked four miles.  It was so much fun!  I conquered my leg in about 52 minutes.  Our total team time was 2 hours and 12 minutes.  (I'm all pumped up for training for Pierre's Hole now.)  We ladies have a competitive streak that makes us want to first, train, and then come back next year and dominate... er, do better!  Haha.

 ^^The Galloping Gingers: Bryce and Bron^^

Bron and Bryce took on the race as a team, mainly because it's faster to paddle up river in a tandem kayak.  I'm not surprised.  These men took first in the team category by about 25 minutes!

The little boys got to witness it all and cheer us on.  I think their favorite part of the morning were all the Orange Leaf fro yo cups! 

Til next year, River Dash!   

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  1. Kayak! Now that sounds like a great way to do the swim portion of a triathalon. How fun to do it as a relay!


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