The Baby Conrad Growth Series: 7 Months

Conrad, you cute thing, I just cannot get enough of you!  From the moment you wake in the morning, to the time your eyes close at night, you are a chunky ball of sunshine making my heart burst with joy.  I just want to be around you perpetually and wish I could spend every minute playing with you.  Your excitement and zest for life can be seen in your eyes as they light up and squint with a smile all the way down to your toes and how you kick your tiny feet.  I still send up silent prayers of thanks to my Heavenly Father for you.  Such a good-natured baby, I'm not sure how I got lucky enough to deserve a child like you.  But I did, and I couldn't be happier.

You've grown so much this last month, Conrad!  Seven months old, I can't believe it.  It wasn't very long ago that we brought you home from the hospital and yet life with you is so very different today than it was during those first few weeks.  You've nailed developmental milestones, have become busy, busy, busy, and are bursting at the seams with personality.  Everyone we meet comments on how cute you are and I respond with a proud smile and a squeeze, saying that you are so much fun!  We've had our fair share of challenges (like Mom's lack of sleep due to your multiple nighttime wakings) but I can't help appreciate them in some small way because it means you are my beautiful reality and finally a part of our lives after many tears and prayers.  Conrad, seriously, you are the most loved baby in all the world.  I would know.  I'm your mama.     

Some details about Conrad at 7 Months Old:

This month, Conrad learned to sit!  It seemed to happen all at once.  One day he was wobbly and needed assistance.  The next day, he sat up {nearly} as solid as a rock.  Whoa!  Big guy!  This has got to be one of my all-time favorite baby stages.

Conrad is on the move, but he doesn't crawl!  Instead, this baby rolls and scoots himself across the room.  He can turn 360* while on his stomach, facing the wall one moment and then facing the other direction the next.  Just the other night, I watched him grab chunks of carpet in his fist and pull himself forward!  Most of the time, however, he tries pushing forward with his toes as his head is face planted into the floor.  Haha.  I'm predicting that it won't be long until he's figured out how to crawl.

Speaking of moving, Conrad has suddenly become very busy.  He always seems to be kicking or rolling.  He prefers to stand in my lap rather than sit.  And a toy in hand is nearly always a necessity, especially when I'm changing his diaper.

Baby Boy tries to eat EVERYTHING he can get his hands on.  He's got quite the grip too!  Don't let him get too close to your head of hair unless you're okay with losing a handful.  Conrad still enjoys giving me sloppy kisses and grabs at my face and neck for a hug.  I'll take it--as long as those little nails are clipped!

One of my favorite things with Conrad this month happened a couple of times when he fell asleep nursing late in the afternoon as we sat on the blue outdoor couch togeher.  My eyes felt tired too so I laid down and fell asleep with the baby in my arms, a warm breeze washing over us.  It was heavenly. 

When nursing, Conrad's hands are always on the move.  He fish hooks my lips with his fingers or pinches my boobs.  I know he's tired when his hands are finally still.    

I learned that Conrad doesn't like his booster seat and prefers to sit in my lap while being spoon fed instead.  Whatever gets the food into your tummy, kid!  Conrad is a big fan of rice cereal and green beans.

Conrad is a water baby!  Bath time is the best time.  I draw about four inches of warm water and Baby Boy simply lays on his back kicking and splashing!  He gets water in his face, but he doesn't care a bit.  He also doesn't seem to mind the colder temperature of the lake.  Conrad didn't flinch a bit when I dunked him in up to his little armpits.  He just giggled and kicked!

Bron and I left Conrad for the first time with a babysitter this month!  We were gone for three hours and our favorite babysitter, Paige, said he handled it like a champ.  He was happy as long as he was held, so that's what she did.  Sounds about right.   

Because we were gone nearly every weekend for six weeks straight, Conrad's amazing nighttime sleep routine turned upside-down.  I was up with him every three hours or so!  That's only doable when I can sleep in til 9AM just like him, but unfortunately, I have to get Jed up and ready for school.  I was sleep-deprived and therefore stressed.  So this week we did a little sleep training.  Meaning, I shut Conrad's bedroom door and if I heard him crying, I sent his dad in to comfort him because he has no boobs.  It worked!  Conrad now sleeps 7-9 hours straight.  Hooray!

Conrad prefers to sleep on his stomach.  As soon as I lay him down in his crib, he rolls right over.  I've never had a baby roll so much!  I find him squished up against the bars in every corner of his crib.  Crazy kid.  Because he sleeps on his stomach, he started wetting through his pajamas!  A few nights in, I finally figured out a solution.  Conrad now wears two diapers to bed: a nighttime diaper covered by a regular diaper.  His jammies are still dry most mornings.

Conrad has the most contagious smile!  He smiles at anyone who smiles at him.  Plus, he has the sweetest dimples.   

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