Snapshots of Summer and Current Happenings

^^Happy feet relaxing in the shade!  Seriously, Conrad's feet tell how he's feeling, and that's usually something like excited.^^
^^One of the boys' favorite sunny day activities is to turn the slide into a water slide.  The water makes them go whipping down the tube FAST!  And then on this particular day, Dad shot them with the hose.  Haha.^^
^^Evening bike laps around the driveway... in their pajamas.  Bed?  What's that?  The sun is still out!^^
^^"Look Mom!  One hand!"
^^"Look Mom!  No feet!"  Levi's a tricky one.^^
^^There's no doubt in my mind that Jed was meant to be our oldest.  He's such a great caring big brother.  Conrad adores him.^^
^^Wishing he could keep up with the blur.^^
^^Conrad was born with two cowlicks on the back of his head.  It makes his hair stand up in the back.  So naturally, we're going with the look and giving him a Mohawk for now.^^
^^Containing and entertaining the baby while I cook in the kitchen.^^
^^We kicked off the very first day of summer with a neighborhood water party + popsicles at the Young's house. (I think there are 42 crazy kids in this photo plus a few more who didn't make it in the frame.)  Fun times!^^

It's T-Ball Season!  This summer, Jed and Levi get to play on the same team: Storm.  They're pretty proud of it.  This is Jed's second season and it's been fun to see how much he's grown; he's much more confident.  And though Jed is a goofy runner, he's been hitting the ball pretty well!  This is Levi's very first season.  He already knows the game and keeps his head in it... unless it's nearly 8:30PM.  Last night he started yawning in the outfield.  Haha.  Those late game nights are rough on the little guys.

P.S.  Yup, Jed has a cut and a black eye!  Child number two got angry and threw something at him.  Blood and wailing ensued.  They're still best fri-enemies.

^^Busy little hands "helping" me with laundry.  Actually, destroying his own laundry basket allowed me enough time to fold a couple of others.  Win!^^
^^Baby details.  Still can't get over those little toes and chubby hand dimples.  Melt me!!!^^
^^Classic baby and a rattle picture.  Conrad always needs something in his hand or mouth or both.^^ 
^^Rainy day shenanigans.  Ooops!  Haha.^^
^^That little tongue!  Kill me.  He loves blowing raspberries.^^
^^Must. Taste. EVERYTHING.^^


Listening to // House of Gold by Twenty One Pilots on repeat in the car.  Last week, Levi took it upon himself to memorize every word.  It's the second song he's done it with (The first was Something Wild by Lindsey Stirling) and it's amazing and hilarious at the same time.  I mean, his little voice!  Levi informed me that he has officially changed his mind about what he wants to be when he grows up.  He will now become a lead singer.  I said I'll get him music lessons.

Feeling // Conrad's two front teeth that just pushed through his gums TODAY!  They're sharp little things.  I've been suspecting that he'd be getting some teeth soon: lots of drool and uncharacteristically cranky.  Hooray!  Maybe I'll get my happy baby back for a little while before another set comes through.

Enjoying // the fact that I have a baby!  Babies are so much fun and I just can't seem to get enough of Conrad.  Seeing him smile up at me from his crib first thing in the morning brightens my day.  Though he's heavy, I love that I can cart him around on my hip and kiss his chubby soft cheeks over and over again.  And it feels magical when he falls asleep in my arms while nursing.  Why do they have to grow up so fast?!  

Learning // to embrace the truth of the scripture that there is "opposition in all things".  One day as I was running errands with the kids that scripture and an impression came to mind.  There is opposition in all things: I am going to have joyful moments but I am also going to have frustrating moments too.  It's the way life is meant to be and I ought to quit trying to make every day be ideal and just be happy with the here and now: life's inevitable daily roller coaster of ups and downs.

Struggling with // being productive with two wild boys and a baby in tow.  I'm in that stage where cleaning the bathroom costs me twenty minutes of the baby screaming.  Even when I ask Jed to entertain the baby, Conrad often just wants to be held.  And so he cries.  Little stinker.  I honestly wish I could devote every waking moment to him and his brothers!  If only the food would cook itself and the bills would magically disappear, right?

Also, the preparation it takes to go ANYWHERE with my little boy crew is slowing draining the life out of me.  It is so stressful to get everything packed and everyone ready (shoes on, clean diaper, full tummies) to go somewhere and get there on time--all while filling needs along the way: getting myself showered, putting the baby down for a nap, breaking up a fight, administering first aid to a wound that isn't bleeding, and more.  Whew!  Where's my nap?

But it's worth it.  All that prep work is usually worth it.  T-Ball and music lessons and church are good for the kids.  Plus, those days we spend hours at the lake or hiking in the hills are some of the best days.  I love spending quality uninterrupted time with my boys making good memories.  Yes, the prep work is worth it.

On a related tangent, I used to be slightly judgemental of folks who didn't make their own baby food.  I mean, it's super easy to make, after all!  But that was one-child dirt poor college Jessie thinking.  Now, I get it.  I sooo get it.  With older kids, it seems like we are always on the go!  And so I find myself grabbing whatever is portable from the pantry.  Gerber (and Mum-Mum rice crackers) are overpriced life-savers.

Funny Story of the Day // Jed got out of the shower and stood in the hallway in his towel, wet and angry.  "Mooom!  I have something to tell you.  When I turned off the shower, Levi opened the door and threw a cup of cold water on me!"

I almost laughed out loud and high-fived Levi right then and there.  Instead, I asked, "Are you tattling?"


"Okay, then.  Get your jammies on."  Then I turned to Levi who was standing right next to me.  "Levi," I whispered, "that wasn't very nice... but it was funny!"

He smiled and snickered.  Oooooh, I'm in trouble.  

Thinking About // my sister, Lauren.  She's often on my mind throughout the day and I can't help sending up a silent little prayer in her behalf.  Lauren was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer just last month.  The good news is that her cancer is more easily treatable than other kinds of breast cancer and she has something like a 98% chance of beating it.  Woohoo!  The bad news is that she will have to endure 8 rounds of chemotherapy followed by surgery and finally radiation.  It will take more than six months to see this all through.

Lauren began her very first round of chemo on Monday.  She cut all of her beautiful long hair off into a pixie cut in preparation.  If anyone can pull off a pixie cut, it's my sister--such stunning bone structure!  I teased her though.  All she needs are some colorful plastic butterfly clips and some braces and she'll look like she's twelve again!  Haha.  In all reality, she resembles Tinkerbell.  But she'll probably lose that hair along with a myriad of other dreadful side effects.  My heart just breaks.  It's wide open for her.  On Monday I just stood in the kitchen and cried.  Putting myself in her shoes, I can't imagine how she felt that morning.  I imagine it was something like standing on the edge of a cliff, knowing she had to make the jump and it would hurt, but she'd survive.

Fortunately, there's this amazing app called Marco Polo.  If you haven't already, check it out!  It's basically video texting and I'm not sure how Lauren feels, but it has been my lifeline to her.  Being able to see her and communicate with her daily puts me at ease.  Though we are hundreds of miles a part, it makes me feel like I can be there for her in some very small way.  So thanks, Lauren, for doing me a favor and talking to me!  It's day three of chemo and she already feels like she's been hit by a train.  But I want to hear it all: the good, the bad, the ugly.  And I want to laugh with her and talk about everything under the sun.  It's what sisters do, right?  Sixteen more weeks.            


  1. I'm sorry about your sister! It's heartbreaking watching loved ones go through such a hard trial. And, as always, your boys are adorable :)

  2. Thanks for all the pictures and updates. I love your blog. It always does my grandma heart good. Love ya all!


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