A Summer Ross Falls Adventure

Dani and I are the same age and moved into our neighborhood the same year.  We met on a walk when Levi was just nine days old and her son Rhett was just four months old.  Our friendship was natural and just meant to be!  We've been taking the kids on outdoor adventures in the summer every week for years now.  We began this summer's weekly adventure with a short hike to Ross Falls to eat lunch and play in the water.       

I'll let the pictures tell the story.  Wow, I take too many pictures.  Did I really just say that?  Can that really be a thing?  Probably.  But here they are anyway, for memory's sake.

^^Dani + 3 year old Paisley^^
^^There is so much water EVERYWHERE this year.  It's incredible.^^
^^Looking serious, but just trust me when I say Conrad enjoyed the water!^^
^^Not sure what that look is for, but it's funny!^^
^^Throwing moss into the falls.  Boys.^^
^^Little boy flesh wound!^^

^^Rhett + Wyatt^^

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