Our First Bass Lake Trip of the Season!

If ever there was one thing I was made for, I was made to be a mother in the summer time.  Sunshine, water, and nothing on the agenda but being together and making memories.  Without a doubt, this is my happiest season.  It's when I leave the chores locked up in the house, the phone in my bag, and just enjoy my boys fully in the moment.  There's no better feeling!

Yesterday, we packed up the car and visited Bass Lake for the first time this summer.  It didn't disappoint!  It's a magical spot.  The boys caught their very first "Big Wally" of the season using hot dogs as bait.  In fact, the fish was so big, it took BOTH of them to pull it up!  Then they careened down the water slide and played in the sand.

Conrad surprised me.  Despite the cool water, he's a regular fish himself!  When I sat him at the water's edge, he kicked and splashed and couldn't seem to get enough of the water or the sand.  I had to save him several times from completely face planting in his efforts to get everything into his mouth all at once.  Haha.

A few pictures from our afternoon.  I can't wait to spend many more peaceful days at this little piece of paradise beneath the Perrine Bridge.

^^The progression of the fishing cast.  Notice the hot dog (bait) flying off the hook?  This series just makes me giggle.^^
^^Reeling in Big Wally together.^^
^^Freeing and releasing the fish.  We need barbless hooks, stat!^^
^^Fishing with friends Kyle and Ally.^^
^^Carefully baiting the hook.^^
^^Brothers fishin' and chillin'.^^
^^My rolly chunky little fish!  I'm not sad about getting to see those scrumptious thighs all summer long.^^

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  1. That place looks so perfect! Love the picture of the boys sitting on the dock!


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