The Boys' First Snowshoeing Adventure

On Saturday we beat the winter blues and took the boys out on their very first snowshoeing adventure!  I need days like these: fresh air, sunshine, a little exercise, and family time--especially during the cold winter months.  Days like these make me feel refreshed and alive.  The world is a gorgeous place all year round and I've learned it can be really enjoyable if you have the right gear!

We borrowed the snowshoes from our good friends and started up the Wahlstrom Hallow trail in the South Hills.  I was impressed!  Jed and Levi took off through the snow like a pair of naturals.  I mean, it is just walking, after all.  Jed cruised through the deep drifts zig-zagging off trail showing us how it was done.  Levi struggled a little more, but he is only four.  He took his falls like a champ.  We hiked less than a mile round trip but I'm calling it a success because everyone made it back to the car wearing a happy smile. 

The pictures tell the rest of the story:

^^Jed waiting for us along the trail.^^
^^Pretending to be exhausted.^^
^^Off trail exploring.^^
^^Such a handsome, good kid.  He grows braver and more mature ever year.  Stop growing up!^^
^^A boy and his dog.  Hard to believe Tyke has been a part of the family longer than Levi!^^
^^Little boy in the big woods.^^

Pit stop for lunch!  Silly kid piled snow onto his sandwich and ate it!  This kid, he's earned the nickname, Taz. He's a four year old destructive tornado getting into everything he shouldn't, making messes, never wearing a shirt, and constantly talking.  But I've yet to meet a boy with a bigger personality.  The things he says and does make me laugh.  It's impossible not to let him wrap himself around my pinky finger and love him fiercely.

I need to document how Conrad has been joining us outside lately in this winter weather!  We may look a tad ridiculous but I absolutely love our Solly Baby Wrap.  I know that when the baby is bundled up against my chest, he's staying warm. Then I added Bron's extra large coat that zips up around us both to keep wind out. Conrad slept like a champ the entire afternoon! An adventuring with a baby success.

We called it an afternoon when the boys' boots felt wet and they started to complain about being tired.  They got to hitch a ride back down the trail.  Smart thinking, Dad.

When we made it back to the bottom, both Jed and Levi decided they had enough energy for some sledding.

^^Tired and frustrated because his sled wouldn't slide very far.  Haha.^^
^^Happy again!^^

I hope we get another opportunity to make it back up there for another snowshoeing adventure this winter.  That was fun.


  1. I didn't know they made snow shoes that small. Wish I lived closer so I could have gone with you all. It looks like so much fun.

  2. Showshoeing seems to be the theme of this winter, I've had a few other friends go lately too. It looks fun! I guess we need to give it a try. I love Levi's snow covered sandwich. Sounds like something Keira would do- we really need to get them together!


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