A Special Blessing for Conrad

Sunday was a special day!  It was the day Conrad was blessed in church by his daddy.  For the record, Bron had been teasing me that he was going to change our baby's name to Festus at the blessing since before he was even born!  There was a very small chance, but I was a tad nervous he'd actually do it!  He didn't.  Whew.  It was such a sweet blessing though.  I have no doubt Conrad is here for a purpose.  He has already brought me so much comfort and joy.  I can't wait to see who he is and how his life unfolds.

Two sets of grandparents, three of Bron's brothers, and countless friends turned out for the occasion.  I was surprised how much it meant to me!  Conrad and our family of five were completely surrounded by love, lots of love. 

After church, everyone was invited out to our house for pizza, salad, and dessert.  I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly everything went!  There was more than enough food for the mob of people that invaded our home (12 adults, 3 teens, and 16 children) and nothing wound up broken.  I guess I was stressing out over nothing.  It was a memorable day,  one that Conrad certainly won't remember, but I hope he could feel that he is loved and supported by an army of good people.

Happy Blessing Day, Conrad!
^^See that little dimple?!?^^
^^I love how babies move, their hands locked into little fists as their arms flail about.  It's somehow cute and endearing.^^
^^And let's not forget about my baby foot fetish!  I just want to kiss those tiny toes!^^
^^Love you, Little Handsome Man.^^

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