January Snow

^^There's something about a quiet snow covered street that I love.^^

Last week winter was showing her wild and snowy side!  Drifts as tall as me, no school for two days, streets so snowy the garbage man never made it through, sub zero temperatures, and church was even cancelled.  It meant we had to reschedule Conrad's blessing day!  If it weren't for kind neighbors with tractors, we would never have made it out of our driveway.  I love winter storms though (as long as the power stays on). If it's going to be cold it might as well be cozy and pretty!

This week, however, winter is proving herself to be a bit more mellow with drizzly overcast days.  I already miss the snow but am happy to have a bit of routine back in my life.  After nearly three full weeks together, the boys need a break from each other.  (Read: Mom is tired of playing referee!)

Still, I want the boys to remember their awesome snow days.  Their second day off from school, the house was a disaster.  I told Jed and Levi that there would be no tv until they cleaned up the living room.  We wound up playing in and out of the house together all day long!  When dinner time came around, I bribed the boys with their favorite Dad's-out-of-town meal.  In exchange for picking up the living room, I would make Macaroni and Cheese!  So it was an all around win for everyone.  We had a fun day playing outside AND I got a clean(er) house.

Check out the fun!  

^^Getting stuck knee deep in the snow!^^
^^The entrance to Tyke's kennel.^^
^^The boys enjoyed sledding down the giant mound of snow at the end of the cul-de-sac.^^
^^Levi said, "I climbed Mount Everest and planted a flag!"^^

Where was Conrad during all this?  He was bundled up and strapped to my chest in his Solly Baby Wrap.  Then I wore one of Bron's coats and zipped it up over both of us.  Totally works.  Conrad stays plenty warm and dozes off to sleep... until the wind blows and the poor baby gasps for air! 

^^Handsome kid.^^
^^Snow tastes better when licked from an evergreen tree.^^

While all three boys slept on our way to Grandma's house not too long ago, Bron and I got to have a real uninterrupted two hour conversation! We wrote down all of the things we'd like to do and accomplish this year, placing as many as possible into the calendar. Just thinking about what we have to look forward to in 2017 makes me giddy! But I also know it's good to appreciate the silver linings in our mundane day to day because I believe living in the moment is what brings contentment. So here's to more snowy backyard sunsets and fun minutes playing with my boys. Those moments mean just as much as the big adventures.


  1. We haven't had any snow days yet! I'm waiting for just one day when I can be buried inside with my favorite little boy. Your pictures really capture the moment and splendor of it all! Here's to more mundane, snowy days!

  2. That snow pile looks awesome! I love snow days.


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