The Baby Conrad Growth Series: Two Months

^^Lying in the cradle he rarely sleeps in one day shy of 8 weeks old^^
^^The cutest little belly I ever did squish!^^

Dear Conrad,

You're two months old!  The last weeks have been a beautiful and messy blur of sweet cuddles and cozy sleepless nights--with a sprinkle of magic from Christmas time!  You've grown so much in the last few weeks, morphing from a floppy, sleepy newborn into a sleepy but much more alert tiny baby.  Your head quickly turns from side to side as your eyes find something new to stare at.  And your skin is so kissably soft!  I've enjoyed watching the little fat rolls on your thighs subtly appear and your cheeks and chin become more round.  I can't help laughing every time you stretch your short legs out on the changing table as if you are so tall and big.  "Hi, Tiny!" I often say.  You've also begun to smile and coo!  You have dimples, Conrad!  It's the cutest thing and is so exciting.  It makes leaving those precious newborn days behind less bitter as we move into this sweet new phase.

I don't think you or I could live without the Solly Baby Wrap.  We practically live in it.  You have this need to be held close all the time--even when napping.  Oh, how I love our mutual need for each other, but you do have two busy big brothers whom need attention and the dishes seem to pile up faster than I can blink.  So I slide you in to the wrap at least once a day.  And since you can't stand your car seat, it's how we grocery shop too.  The wrap feels like a hands-free hug!  With your head nestled against my chest, you fall asleep every single time.  I get to kiss your forehead, feel your soft silky hair, and smell your milky breath all while attending to my other responsibilities.  I wish I could cuddle you all day long and the wrap has essentially allowed me to do that!      

Getting you to sleep this month has been a struggle, but thankfully, I think you're well on your way to figuring it out.  Around four weeks old you decided you didn't like your Rock 'n Play cradle very much anymore; you wanted your space to streeetch out!  And yet, you needed to be near me at all times.  Every time I put you down you would promptly wake back up just a few minutes later.  (You're a terrible waker, by the way.  Grouching until you open your eyes and then you're as happy as a clam.)  And so after a few nights of complete sleep deprivation, I relented and did something I never did with your brothers: I brought you in to bed with me!  And it's been bliss ever since.  Don't tell your dad, but I love sleeping with you.  Hearing your soft breaths, smelling your sweet head, feeling your weight against me; those sweet needful cuddles just don't ever get old!  We co-slept all through Christmas break and then I tried putting you down in your crib in your own room.  Success!  You've been progressively sleeping better and longer (me too!) in your crib at night, though I tend to bring you to bed with us around 5:00AM when I'm too groggy to think straight or as the temperatures plunge outside just to make sure you stay warm enough.  We have absolutely no consistency other than that though and I'm okay with it.  I know we'll get a schedule all figured out little by little this year, so I'm just enjoying you in all your baby glory here and now.

Happy two months earth side my tiny man!  I don't know how it's possible to love a plop so very much it feels like my heart is going to burst, but I do; I love you.

Love Always,

^^The handsome stud look.^^
^^The furrowed brow.^^
^^The pouty lip.^^

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  1. What a sweet, sweet baby! You sounds like a new mom all over again, Jessie. I'm so glad you're getting to enjoy and savor these first few weeks with Conrad. He's magic!


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