January Daze: Snapshots of Life Lately

January can be summed up briefly: wearing our pajamas all day long, a whole lot of snow, freezing cold temperatures and short weeks at school. See what we've been up to!

^^Snow Me's! No school and a whole lotta great packing snow meant we played outside. Meet Snow Jed and who Levi affectionately calls, Snow Boba Fett.^^
^^Recess at school has taught Jed how to make some pretty efficient snow balls!^^

Before getting all geared up in our snow clothes, I told Levi that the fresh powder was perfect for building snowmen. 

He replied, "No Mom.  Powder snow is for skiing.  It's not for making snowmen."

"So is this just regular snow?  Or wet snow?"

"Yeah, cuz powder is for skiing."

Can't argue.  Kid knows his stuff!  Hahaha.  

^^Conrad is really enjoying his "workouts" underneath his "gym" these days.  He can't quite grab anything yet, but he's trying!^^
^^Reading, reading, reading!  Jed has caught the excitement of learning how to read!  We've been working through the first year of Harry Potter this month and we're nearly done.  It's been so much fun for us both.  Also, I love how he innocently points with his middle finger.  Hehe.^^
^^I'll bet you know what happened next...^^
^^Life with a baby in a nutshell.  Conrad's face cracks me up.  He's all, "Hey, Dad fell asleep on me!^^
^^On an afternoon walk around the neighborhood.  Levi talked my ear off while Conrad dozed in the wrap and it felt like we were on some of our old adventures together.^^
^^Mesmerized by the snow plow!^^
^^My friend Dani invited Levi and me to join her in taking the kids sledding behind her golf cart one morning.  These snow covered roads are good for something, right?  The kids froze their faces off, but they were having so much fun they didn't want to stop!^^
^^Someone was delighted to have company in his crib!^^
^^So stuffed up he can barely breathe, but still as happy as a clam... as long as I'm around.  Posing with the teddy bear his brothers gave him in the hospital.^^

A lady from the stake taught sharing time in primary at ward conference on Sunday.  She began by holding up a bag of broccoli and asked the kids if they knew what it would be like to not have choices.  "You'd have to eat broccoli for breakfast.  And then again for lunch.  And then for an afternoon snack, you'd have to eat broccoli again.  And for dinner your mom would make only broccoli.  Wouldn't that be awful?"

Levi enthusiastically raised his hand.  "I looove broccoli!" he loudly exclaimed.  "Cooked broccoli is my favorite!  I would love that!"

Ooops.  Way to make that object lesson backfire, Levi! 

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  1. Looks like goodtimes! Hailey points with her middle finger too, it's funny. Levi's broccoli story is so funny! Leave it up to the jr primary to burst your bubble. Haha!


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