Snow Day!

^^Jed warming up with a cup of hot chocolate.^^

It's a blizzard out there!  The boys stayed home from school and we enjoyed a cozy snow day.  We ate a big breakfast followed by playing in the fluffy white stuff.  I helped Jed and Levi dig a giant hole in one of the big drifts in the backyard.  Then Jed's hole caved in!  Levi didn't miss a beat to pile on even more snow on top of his big brother.  It's not very often the little brother comes out on top, literally!   Haha.  We built a blanket fort in the living room for reading, watched movies, baked banana bread, and get this: all three boys napped at the same time.  It didn't last very long (Conrad woke up) but it happened.  I almost didn't know what to do with myself for fifteen minutes!  It's been a good day with the promise of a second round tomorrow.  Good thing too because I'm not sure I can get the car out of my driveway.  I'm just keeping my fingers crossed the electricity doesn't go out.  Forget the routine and our responsibilities... it's an extended Christmas break.  Bring on the snow!

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