Taking a Hike and State Wrestling

This weekend was another good one.  It started bright and early Saturday morning when we all piled into the car to head to the Idaho State Wrestling Tournament in Pocatello.  We arrived in time to see Bron's little brother Call win his first match, the semi-final!  He earned himself a seat in the final round for first or second place.  Woohoo!  The whole family was there and we were all so excited and stoked.

We then had lots of time to kill.  I'm talking alll afternoon.  So I spoiled the kids with lunch at McDonald's and ice cream cones!  Then we headed to the theater to see the new Star Wars movie!  The boys were over-the-moon excited.  And honestly, so was I!  Jed and Levi sat on either side of me, eagerly awaiting the movie to begin.  It was so cute.  Levi wound up falling asleep in my lap during the climax (nap time), but somehow that didn't stop either Jed or Levi from loudly announcing every spoiler possible to Bron when we saw him back in the arena around 4:00PM.  Hahaha.  Oh well.  I'm just happy I got to make that little memory with them.
Ohh, watching those wrestling matches is so intense!  Call tried to take control in the second period but was over turned and pinned.  It all happened in less than five seconds.  What an emotional killer!  Second place has got to be the absolute worst.  Such high hopes slaughtered at the last second.  But Call handled it really well.  He had a smile on the medal stand.  Second place in state is still really impressive!  He should be proud of himself because everyone else sure is.

It hit me like a ton of bricks at the tournament.  I first met Call when he was just six years old.  Jed turns six years old next month!  I feel like all I did was turn around and now Call is exiting childhood and getting ready to go on a mission.  That all happened so fast!  I'm grateful Call is such a good example for my little boys.  They watch him closely whether he knows it or not.  I wouldn't mind a bit if my boys follow behind in his footsteps.

^^Call winning his first match of the day!  Ready for the final round.^^

Late Sunday afternoon we headed to Indian Springs for some fresh air.  It just so happened that our good friends, the Horsleys, were right behind us!  Great minds must think alike because they happened to be heading to the same spot.  Either that, or we hang out too much?!  Haha.  Nah.  The kids were thrilled to see each other and we had the best time just wandering around.

As a bonus for me, I was thrilled to find so much color at the tail end of winter: red rock, green grass, blue skies!  I've been spending hours studying post-processing techniques in Photoshop the last few weeks and was able to apply a few things I've learned in these pictures.  I love bright, bold colors.  It's encouraging to see my style emerging little by little.      

^^"That's when I shoot the bad guy with my green gun!" Levi said when he saw this picture on my computer. This kid is so animated! His facial expressions crack me up. Glad I caught this one.^^
^^Bron with his girl, Addy.^^

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