Saturday Sledding at Penstemon

These memories we've been making as a family on our outdoor adventures this year have become really special to me.  No cell phone.  No distractions.  Just plain good 'ol quality family time that brings us all a little closer together and definitely brings more happiness to our home.  And as a bonus, hopefully we're simultaneously instilling a love for the outdoors and adventure in our boys.  It's all a part of our master parenting plan--if we have one at all.  :)

On Saturday afternoon we headed up into the South Hills for a sledding adventure with some of our favorite friends, the Horsleys.  This trip we pulled off into Penstemon to try a new hill.  It didn't disappoint!  In fact, it was pretty close to as perfect as I can imagine.  The weather hovered around freezing and the sun even poked its head through the clouds a few times.  We even had the whole hill to ourselves most of the afternoon.  After removing a few big bumps to make the trail smooth, the boys started flying down the hill!  No fear.  I'm not sure how they consistently made it clear to the bottom.  Every time I tried I wound up literally screaming out of control and had to bail!  Haha.  Classic, fresh, snow-in-the-face, memories.  As you can see, we are doing our best to keep the winter blues far, far, away.  It seems to be working.          

^^Our hill for the afternoon!^^
^^Jed, just before the wipe-out.  Haha.  I'm really enjoying the challenge of capturing my boys in mid-action these days.^^
^^Just chillin'.  I love this picture of Bron and Jed; it pulls at my heart-strings just a little bit.^^
^^The trail really was as fast as it looks!  I'm finding that making more of an effort this year to get in front of the camera is proving to be easier and more fun that I'd initially thought!^^
^^Bron trying a run, and of course, there's the dog chasing after him.  Tyke absolutely loves it up there.^^
^^We called him the Blind Bullet. To prepare for his speedy descent down the snow hill, Levi pulled his hat down over his eyes to protect his face from flying snow and laid down flat in the sled. It was hilarious. But he loved the ride!^^
^^Owyn = absolutely fearless boy.  He literally flew down the hill head first!^^
^^Levi eating some snow... again.  It never gets old!^^
^^Taking a break for donuts and hot chocolate.  Yum!^^
^^This ham.  I love him so much.  He's just happy to be there and drinking some hot chocolate!^^
^^Amy and Addy taking on the hill!  I can't get over their closed eyes and smiles.  Too cute.^^
^^And this look!  It makes me laugh out loud.^^
^^Aaron teaching Abram how to be brave in the face of cold flying snow.^^
^^Ollie.  This kid is so photogenic.^^
^^On a little exploration hike.^^

A part of me hopes Spring comes soon.  I'm looking forward to some sun and warmth!  But the other part of me wants to do something fun like this just one more time.

Oh, and we did watch the Superbowl this weekend too!  We made homemade pizzas and fresh guacamole and invited some friends over to enjoy it with us.  No surprise, I ate too much.  Ha!

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  1. That hill looks like fantastic fun! Nice and long. Sledding is the best. And so is hot chocolate.


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